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Do you flip your burger/sandwich?

Self-explanatory. I flip. Seems the most natural/ergonomic to me, but that's my perspective. Seems weird as hell to me how people slide their thumbs underneath a burger and eat it right-side up, but that's just me.

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  1. Right side up, never thought to do otherwise I guess.

    1. Yes, I do too. I don't mean to, but I just naturally do it.

      It really depends how you reach your burgers. I reach my burgers with my four fingers on the bottom and thumbs on top. As such, the burger naturally get flip as I bring it to my mouth.

      If you grab your burgers with the thumbs on the bottom and four fingers on top, then you won't flip the burger.

      1. Occasionally a thin bottom bun-half gets soggy. Fixed by inverting the sandwich.

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        1. No. Never.

          It wouldn't taste as good flipped.

          1. Never.

            It might kick the universe out of alignment or something.

            1. Always. And I construct them accordingly. I like to EAT with the tomato, onion, pickles, etc., on top, but since I am a flipper, I place them on the bottom.

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                Wow. You actually plan right side up, to be upside down ....deep :D

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                  I wonder if Tracy has ever also thought about putting the top of the bun on the bottom, and the bottom on the top? Hrm...

              2. Neither. Remove the top, pick up burger and garnish, eat, discard top and bottom bun. Yes, low carb, long term. Multi-napkins required.

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                  They've developed a tool to help with that. It has a handle, and some slightly scooped prongs at the other end, usually 3-4 in number.

                  Some burgers are just better without the bun. :)

                2. Give me a juicy, rare, burger on a hard roll, please.

                  I'm gonna ask her to dance. We're goin' to the Prom.

                  I'll twist.
                  I'll turn.
                  I'll dip.
                  And, I'll flip!

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                  1. when i was younger, i'd flip - always.

                    in my teens i was trying to impress someone who ate their sandwiches right side up, so I adopted that approach.

                    now it depends. If it is a simple affair, few ingredients, without a lot of condiments then I will most likely flip. if its a thick juicy mess of toppings and condiments then I'll most likely eat it right side up. If it comes wrapped in paper I will probably eat it on the vertical, but in a position that would end up flipped were i to continue moving my hands.

                    1. I tried it once. Later that day I tripped on the sidewalk and landed on my head.

                      NEVER AGAIN!!


                      1. I tested myself this morning.

                        I just found out I'm hambidextrous ... I can eat flip side up, or down.

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                        2. When you flip it, doesn't that increase the likelihood that stuff falls out or things drip into your lap?

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                            It does, but sometimes sacrifices must be made.

                          2. Guy Fieri always flips. Annoys me as much as the cooks who prepared it by the looks on their faces...

                            I always "thumb under' as it is usually constructed to be eaten that way. It DOES taste different if flipped, IF there are toppings such as bacon and tomatoes and onions and mushrooms and sauces...

                            1. If it is a burger prepared by another or a restaurant I always open it up and check the toppings. Then I eat it right side up. I do not flip. I don't need to be involved in "flip-gate"

                              That said if the burger or sandwich is just too big/messy I will not hesitate to just plop it on the plate and take a knife and fork to it.

                              1. I sometimes flip a burger to lift off the bottom bun to add more seasonings (salt-pepper) depending on where the burger is served. (My brother and SIL seriously under season their grilled food.)

                                The only reason I can see to flip a burger (other than when cooking) is if the bottom bun is soggy.

                                1. Since you raised the subject, shouldn't the toppings really be the "bottomings" when the patty or filling is wet/leaky/juicy?
                                  I don't flip a burger to begin with, but often do partway through consuming it, when I notice that the bottom piece of the bun is starting to disintegrate. For a cheeseburger at home, I put the cneese side down, which somewhat protects the bottom bun half.

                                  There'd be a sizeable infomercial market for anyone who invented a gewgaw to support the bottom bun/bread without making it difficult to consume the meal.. Something for Everyday Edisons?

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                                    I think a gewgaw to support the bottom bun for a burger seems to make about as much sense as this:


                                    1. re: John E.

                                      I saw department store employees using such a device once. But they need perfect folds, the exact same way by every employee, every time.

                                      Me? I'm going to try the cheese-on-the-bottom thing, because soggy buns make me ill.

                                  2. Burgers no flip.

                                    The patty acts as a stable platform so you can use only your thumbs to support the bottom. The fingers help cradle and keep the condiments in the top bun.

                                    Sandwiches are fairly symmetric so I have no flipping bias.

                                    1. I guess that isn't the same level of crime as making sandwiches with the bread misaligned. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/530873

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                                        Ohmylord, this misalignment is IMO the worst sandwich sin. When I was a kid, for whatever reason, we absolutely hated to be left with our Dad at lunchtime. He would inevitably make us sandwiches, and they were inevitably just WRONG. He never lined the bread up right, and we would all three start complaining, then he would get frustrated and slice them in halves straight across, instead of diagonally, whereupon we would WAAAIILLL.

                                        1. re: tracytrace

                                          Having grown up in a "straight across" home, I always LOVED restaurant sandwiches with their exotic diagonal cuts. Best of all was IHOP, where their hamburger club was sliced into 4 triangles.

                                          1. re: tracytrace

                                            The next time I have an opportunity to make a sandwich for a family member I'm going to try and remember to misalign the bread to see if I get a reaction. I should probably slice it too so it can't be easily fixed. ; )

                                        2. Right side up. I figure the PB&J were placed on the bread in a certain way for a reason; who am I to mess with the natural order of the universe?

                                          I also feel I have better control of burger toppings that way, when lettuce and tomato aren't sliding all over the place due to misapplied finger or thumb pressure.