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Pino's in Marlboro on Rt. 9 is now....

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... Il Fornetto Trattoria. New signage went up yesterday. Not sure if it's new ownership or what.. Pino's (which always made me think of .. well.. you know) was there for quite a while.

And what the heck happened to the 7-11 on Rt. 9 North in Manalapan? Drove passed today.. and it was just GONE. Building still there, but store cleaned out, all signage gone. Weird. Meanwhile, Wawa a few hundred feet away to the north still going strong.

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  1. Pino's has been for sale for at least the past 3-4 years so I will assume it was sold. While I couldn't complain about the food or the bar, the dining room always felt banquet hall-ish to me.

    1. I seldom stop at 7-11 even though they are accessible. And when I do it's just for a bottled drink. I go to Wawa about 5 times a week. Still waiting for one to open in Mahwah.

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        Any rumors about that? Very vast town so there's a lot of location possibilities. There's 7-11 and they do well, but they have a good location capturing a portion of the west side of 17.

        The other side of 17 and the Darlington area and other side of Ramapo Ridge could be a captive audience/capture. Being the biggest town in Bergen County, there's a lot of real estate there, LOL.

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          They've started to expand into Bergen county. One in Lodi opens in the fall. But there's a long running joke about having one in Mahwah so an employee can answer the phone and say "Good morning, Mahwah Wawa"

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            Wawa is based in Wawa, PA... so there they presumably say "Good morning, Wawa Wawa".