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Jul 17, 2013 01:38 PM

Restaurant Eugene vs Baccanalia?

I've done the research. I've read the boards. I've officially hit analysis-paralysis.

I'm taking someone very special to dinner for his birthday. Last year, we went to Alinea in Chicago. But this year, we'll be in Atlanta. I want something special with unique dishes, a tasting menu, and interesting wine pairings. This is for a Thursday night and I'm stumped -- because they seem so equally matched.

Help! What would you choose and why. We're staying downtown.


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  1. I prefer Eugene easily. One of the best meals I ever had and superior to Bacchanalia.
    Also to consider...
    A friend recently had the tasting/wine pairing at Empire State South and loved it.
    You might also consider Woodfire Grill for their tasting menu.

    1. the wine list at Aria is superior---great cheese tasting menu-to me a little more formal and great meal.

      1. Thanks - I've done the tasting at Woodfire. It was ok. Food was okay, but nothing to write home about and the wine pairings were pretty blah. Service was outstanding, though, and I loved the atmosphere.

        I was looking at ESS, too. But I didn't want to add more confusion to the mix! :)

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          To keep it simple and answer your original question: Eugene!!

        2. Nikolais roof is an oldie but goodie--Russian theme,great caviar, excellnt wine matching,--small place,maybe 12 tables--they have a 5 and 7 course meal. Different experience from most Atlanta spots

          1. ESS and Woodfire Grill aren't in the same category as either Eugene or Bacchanalia. I've had some very good meals at Eugene - but I've also had some big misses there. For consistency, I would give Bacchanalia the edge over Eugene. However, don't expect either to be anything like Alinea. We just don't have anything in Atlanta competing in that category or at that level.