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Jul 17, 2013 01:20 PM

Nice restaurants and bars in River North area

Can anyone recommend some decent restaurants and bars in the River North area?

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  1. ummm, yeah. maybe you want to do some research as there are well over 200 bars and restaurants in river north. then the group can chime in on it.

    and a quick edit, urban spoon says over 300 restaurants in river north. give some criterea and maybe a couple places that look good to you and recomendations will flow.

    1. I am looking within walking distance to the Langham hotel, lively bars and good food such as RPM but this is fully booked every day I am in Chicago.

      1. A recommendation for Saturday night would be great, a restaurant with good food and lively atmosphere/bar would be good in the River North area.

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          I really enjoy GT Fish & Oyster; great food, drinks and lively atmosphere (as you may expect based on the name, the restaurant specializes in seafood). If money is not an object Sixteen in Trump Tower has phenomenal food; they also have a great outdoor terrace for cocktails - will be pricey, but nice views of the city. I hear lots of great things about Sable, but somehow have still not made it here myself (upscale bar food and craft cocktails). Naha is also very popular, but not my personal favorite (upscale contemporary American, pricey but not nearly up there with Sixteen price wise). If you want steak, David Burke's is a wonderful option.

          1. re: Gonzo70

            Sable is excellent, was just there last night for drinks.

            Also look into the newly opened Berkshire Room for cocktails.

        2. We'll be in River North pretty soon, and after doing a lot of research (and thanks to many of the frequent posters on this board) we've decided we'll try Slurping Turtle and Sable for two of our dinners. I can't exactly "recommend" them, as this will be my first trip to Chicago, but they seem like solid choices. Sable will be pre-theater (we've got an early reservation) and Slurping Turtle because we'll need something a little on the "ethnic" food side after eating at several more traditional American and small plates venues (we've also got reservations at Girl and the Goat and The Gage).

          If you're patient and go back a few screens on this board you'll find plenty of recs for River North restaurants.

          1. Thanks edub, yes we have also booked Sable, RPM, and GT Fish & Oyster. Now I just need a restaurant for Saturday night thats quite lively before we go to a jazz club.

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            1. re: skyhighgirl

              Frontera Grill will be quite lively, but have long waits. Same for Purple Pig.

              1. re: kathryn

                Finally made it to Frontera last fall. Was phenomenal.