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Jul 17, 2013 01:08 PM

Which dishes do you make most frequently for dinner?

After spending a good 3 or 4 years trying new recipes frequently, I've started keeping things more simple to cut try to help cut down on my prep time.

Lately, these are my most frequent weeknight dishes, that I've made at least twice a month over the last three months:

roast chicken
slow baked ribs with a brown sugar/chili powder rub (either the BA Jenga Ribs recipe or a more simple Kansas City-style rub)
lamb rack or chops, usually with lemon and herbes de Provence or rosemary
baked salmon, trout, cod or haddock, usually with some sort of cilantro/ginger or cilantro/jalapeno/garlic/lime topping lately
vegetable frittatas/stratas (using whatever I've got on hand)
spicy basil shrimp
pasta (usually orzo or shells) with various greens, dill, chevre or feta
Italian sausage with kale and beans, sometimes with potatoes

roast potatoes with rosemary
mejadra, sometimes using quinoa instead of rice
roasted asparagus
imam bayildi
vegetarian beet borscht
Russian style sweet and sour cabbage rice soup
mixed roasted vegetables, usually similar to a roasted Ratatouille during the summer months

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  1. We vary our meals quite a bit but certain dishes show up every week -

    Main dishes:
    Steak and mushrooms
    Salad with any sort of throw together vinaigrette
    Herb garlic lemon shrimp
    Eggs - omelets, scrambled - at least every other day if not everyday

    Favorite vegetable most nights - roasted asparagus. Other nights - steamed broccoli, spinach

    I tend to use the same proteins in different variations every week and repeat but rarely repeat more than 2 dishes every week.

    1. Pastas, steaks and burgers are a recurring theme. Chicken, too. Slightly less frequent are lobsters, shellfish, fish.

      1. we also vary a lot (I like to do secret ingredient challenges) but now that we have a baby it's clear that there are some dishes in heavy rotation:

        thomas keller roast chicken
        chili (very veg heavy, but we also often use pulled pork that we make and keep in the freezer or whatever meat leftovers we have)
        pasta with tuna, tomatoes, olives and fennel
        grilled veggies (on the grill pan now that we have no outdoor space)
        butter chicken mahkani in the slowcooker
        quick red thai curry with some kind of fish or veg
        spinach or arugala salad with mushrooms, goat cheese, pecan pieces, berries or pears and sometimes avocado

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        1. re: kazhound

          Would you mind sharing the recipe for the butter chicken? It is one of my absolute favorites and I've been trying...mostly replicate at home. :)

        2. Probably some version of a taco/burrito.

          1. Mains:
            Roast chicken
            Shell steak
            Stir fry (whatever protein is available)
            Shrimp with spinach and tomato on linguine
            Chicken, kidney beans, and tomato in brown rice
            Pork schnitzel
            Some sort of white fish fillets, either baked with lemon or broiled with garlic and butter
            Soft-shell crab
            Chicken parmesan

            green salad
            German-style red cabbage
            brown rice
            Homemade pasta and tomato sauce
            Broccoli, cauliflower, and carrot medley
            Cranberry sauce (making the last batch tomorrow from my frozen cranberry stash)
            Broccoli rabe
            Zucchini, yellow squash, and tomato medley

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            1. re: AnnaBaptist

              Jealous of your frozen cranberry stash. Can you tell me what you do? Freeze whole berries in ziplocs or mash them first, then freeze?

              Thank you.

              1. re: Jerseygirl111

                Just toss the berries in the original bags from the store into the freezer. They will keep for a year. (It's not unusual for me to use my last frozen bag for Thanksgiving the year after I bought it.)