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Which dishes do you make most frequently for dinner?

After spending a good 3 or 4 years trying new recipes frequently, I've started keeping things more simple to cut try to help cut down on my prep time.

Lately, these are my most frequent weeknight dishes, that I've made at least twice a month over the last three months:

roast chicken
slow baked ribs with a brown sugar/chili powder rub (either the BA Jenga Ribs recipe or a more simple Kansas City-style rub)
lamb rack or chops, usually with lemon and herbes de Provence or rosemary
baked salmon, trout, cod or haddock, usually with some sort of cilantro/ginger or cilantro/jalapeno/garlic/lime topping lately
vegetable frittatas/stratas (using whatever I've got on hand)
spicy basil shrimp
pasta (usually orzo or shells) with various greens, dill, chevre or feta
Italian sausage with kale and beans, sometimes with potatoes

roast potatoes with rosemary
mejadra, sometimes using quinoa instead of rice
roasted asparagus
imam bayildi
vegetarian beet borscht
Russian style sweet and sour cabbage rice soup
mixed roasted vegetables, usually similar to a roasted Ratatouille during the summer months

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  1. We vary our meals quite a bit but certain dishes show up every week -

    Main dishes:
    Steak and mushrooms
    Salad with any sort of throw together vinaigrette
    Herb garlic lemon shrimp
    Eggs - omelets, scrambled - at least every other day if not everyday

    Favorite vegetable most nights - roasted asparagus. Other nights - steamed broccoli, spinach

    I tend to use the same proteins in different variations every week and repeat but rarely repeat more than 2 dishes every week.

    1. Pastas, steaks and burgers are a recurring theme. Chicken, too. Slightly less frequent are lobsters, shellfish, fish.

      1. we also vary a lot (I like to do secret ingredient challenges) but now that we have a baby it's clear that there are some dishes in heavy rotation:

        thomas keller roast chicken
        chili (very veg heavy, but we also often use pulled pork that we make and keep in the freezer or whatever meat leftovers we have)
        pasta with tuna, tomatoes, olives and fennel
        grilled veggies (on the grill pan now that we have no outdoor space)
        butter chicken mahkani in the slowcooker
        quick red thai curry with some kind of fish or veg
        spinach or arugala salad with mushrooms, goat cheese, pecan pieces, berries or pears and sometimes avocado

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          Would you mind sharing the recipe for the butter chicken? It is one of my absolute favorites and I've been trying...mostly unsuccessfully...to replicate at home. :)

        2. Probably some version of a taco/burrito.

          1. Mains:
            Roast chicken
            Shell steak
            Stir fry (whatever protein is available)
            Shrimp with spinach and tomato on linguine
            Chicken, kidney beans, and tomato in brown rice
            Pork schnitzel
            Some sort of white fish fillets, either baked with lemon or broiled with garlic and butter
            Soft-shell crab
            Chicken parmesan

            green salad
            German-style red cabbage
            brown rice
            Homemade pasta and tomato sauce
            Broccoli, cauliflower, and carrot medley
            Cranberry sauce (making the last batch tomorrow from my frozen cranberry stash)
            Broccoli rabe
            Zucchini, yellow squash, and tomato medley

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              Jealous of your frozen cranberry stash. Can you tell me what you do? Freeze whole berries in ziplocs or mash them first, then freeze?

              Thank you.

              1. re: Jerseygirl111

                Just toss the berries in the original bags from the store into the freezer. They will keep for a year. (It's not unusual for me to use my last frozen bag for Thanksgiving the year after I bought it.)

            2. Roast chicken
              Chicken breasts, various prep
              Chicken thighs, various prep.
              Ground beef dish: meatloaf, tacos/burritos, stuffed peppers, etc
              London Broil, grilled
              Pizza, homemade
              Pasta, various prep
              Salad, garden, almost every meal-various lettuces, tomatoes, cukes, mushrooms, red onion optional: cheese, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, hb egg, shredded carrot

              Less frequently: fish/shellfish, pork-various, ham, turkey, eggplant
              Rarely: Veal, various prep, kielbasa, casseroles
              Never: lamb (no one likes it but me, I haven't made/eaten it in at least 25 yrs.

              About 6-8x per yr we eat Prime Rib, Lobster or Corned Beef

              I would eat fish much more often but my son doesn't eat it at all and my hubs is funny about it. Then I end up eating all of it and he's looking for food an hour later. We grill as much as possible in the summer. Steaks, London Broil, chicken, ribs, whatever we have.

              Sides: green beans, corn, broccoli, zucchini, cauliflower, potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, asparagus, rice

              Frozen or canned in winter, fresh from our garden in summer.

              1. Seasons influence our meals that we tend to have at least two to three times a month:
                Summer staples:
                Grilled BS Chix breast, grilled over various greens and veggies
                Grilled chops of either beef, pork or lamb
                Crock pot chix thighs with root veggies.
                Lots of ice cream with fresh sliced fruit.
                Soup; pea, lentil, butternut squash, chix veggie, beef barley
                lamb stew with sweet potatoes
                Roast leg of lamb with puree of turnips
                Pasta with various renditions or red, clear or white sauces..
                Baked fish such as cod or salmon.

                And not let us for get home baked breads.

                1. I haven't quite worked up a go-to list of meals, but one thing stands out:

                  Venison stir-fry and rice

                  Stir-fry: because it tastes great, and I can use just about any vegetables I have on hand
                  Venison: because it's what I'm most likely to have on hand, plus I cut it all into strips when we froze it, so it cuts down on prep work.
                  Rice: it's easy and I have it by the #10 can-full

                  Lately, steak with seasonal veggies has started becoming a thing. (He usually gets a huge porterhouse, while I eat filet mignon or something else small.)

                  I envy these tasty go-to lists! I really need to work on nailing something like that down.

                  1. It varies with the seasons and also if I am testing recipes for a cookbook. Very little red meat, an occasional burger or small lamb chop. Fajitas, and a lot of chicken.

                    1. fish 3-4 nights a week (salmon, cod, haddock, etc. -- whatever looks good & isn't terribly expensive) or shrimp -- variety of preparations

                      veggie burgers

                      occasional chicken (beer can is a favorite)


                      seasonal vegs, roasted or steamed

                      1. OH requests a few things once a week or at least once every other week... which I appreciate because they're so rhythmic in preparation by now...
                        Ground turkey and sweet potato shepherd's pie
                        Ground turkey chorizo -- generally on the side of something else or on top of cooked (from dry bean) lima beans or kidney beans or split peas
                        Ravioli - could be sweet potato, or turkey and broccoli, or whatever veg i come across
                        Roasted Creamy Chipotle Corn Soup
                        Turkey Burger patties - made with hummus, some chopped onion, diced roasted peppers, and sometimes a dash of worcestershire and seasonings
                        Hummus and Cucumber (lately from our garden :-) ) with other stuff
                        "Grain" Salad - could be farro, quinoa, barley, millet, etc with some chopped artichoke hearts, chopped roasted peppers, sliced olives (manzanita or kalamata), some diced sundried tomato bits, a dash of onion powder and a light toss with our lemon white wine vinaigrette

                        When he's on a fish kick, blackened roasted is most common. Sometimes rolled around a stuffing of some sort.

                        For me there is always a salad with dinner. Always.

                        1. I keep it super simple in the summer:

                          Sauteed salmon and oven crisped sweet potato home fries with a curry sauce.

                          Chili mac (cincinnati chili) baked with cheddar cheese

                          Mexican salad with queso blanco, avocado, fresh tomatoes pan roasted corn and creamy chipotle lime dressing.

                          "House" salad with balsamic vinaigrette

                          Baked polenta with sauteed mushrooms, creamy marinara, topped with fresh mozzerella and baked.

                          Spaghetti and meatballs

                          French bread pizza with fresh mozzerella

                          Asparagus and mushroom rissotto

                          Occasional burgers on the grill

                          Croque monsieur

                          Chicken or grilled veggie tacos on corn tortillas

                          In the winter, I make tons of soups and more casseroles and things.

                          1. Depends on the season....

                            Summer is a bit easier, because regardless of the time we get home from work, we can throw some chicken/steak/fish/burgers on the barbecue and grill some veggies or make a salad and have dinner ready in 20-30 minutes.

                            Winters a tougher. I try to batch cook on Sundays. A Moroccan stew, a frittata, a Carribean curry, beef bourgignon, a tofu parmigiana, and at worst, I will send Mr. Vuitton out to barbecue a steak and make a salad.

                            Weekends, however, we get more adventuresome.