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Jul 17, 2013 01:07 PM

25 Best Restaurants in Tarrant County?

As a (relatively) new transplant to Texas, I have been loving D Magazine's list of 100 Best Restaurants in Dallas ( It has been a great jumping off point! She wasn't able to include Tarrant County in the list (which I totally understand) so I would love to pose the question to my fellow ChowHounders:

What do you consider the top 25 restaurants in Tarrant County?

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  1. For one, you shouldn't miss Nonna Tata. Everything including the pasta is home made.
    Sit outside under the awning. Btw, they're BYOB.

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      We were planning on going there tonight but found out they are not open but the third Saturday of every month. Found that to be very odd.

    2. I would add Brewed to the list. Avoid the steak ... the BBQ pot roast and candy bar latte are both excellent, as are the chicken & waffles. Lemon tart and goat cheese ice cream are great ...

      1. Chef Point has to be up there

        1. I haven't eaten in the area enough to say what the best are... but Ellerbe Fine Foods is definitely a good restaurant. And (don't know if you're interested, but...) Avoca does really nice coffee and The Usual is a fantastic cocktail bar.

          1. Are you wanting them ranked or just 25 restaurants we think should be on a list for Tarrant County?