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Jul 17, 2013 12:25 PM

Chapter One vs Playground

I've never been to Chapter One but made a reservation for Friday. When we venture to SA we find it hard to not go to Playground. We just received an invite for IO the last time we dined so excited to try IO in the next few weeks.

Not seeing much in terms of reviews for Chapter One but a acquaintance said they really enjoyed a few dinners here. Any dishes you recommend? How would you compare to Playground?

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  1. Have the Druid Divination cocktail at Chapter One if they still have it (I don't see it on the website.)

    1. CO has a luxe mac & cheese I'm fond of, but 9 times out of 10 I head to Playground's more adventurous kitchen.

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        I also end up Playground over CO 9 out of 10 but CO is open all day and a decent spot for an early happy hour if ever in the area and off work. I prefer the brunch foods to the lunch/dinner but have been satisfied in the past with the steak salad, the mac n cheese and lamb burger.

      2. I agree with the others, CO is solid but Playground is pushing the envelope a bit more. So, it really depends on what you're feeling like. I don't think you'd really go wrong at either one. I also think Lola Gaspar is great, too.

        The craft beer selection and cocktails are more diverse at Chapter One, so there's that...

        1. Thanks will have to try the mac n cheese. The menu looks adventurous and in the same vein of Playground. I'll report back after tonight.

          We still haven't made it to Lola Gaspar, same reason it's taken us so long to try CO. Playground is so difficult to avoid when in the area.

          1. We really enjoyed our meal at Chapter One. Almost more so than some of our previous visits to Playground. The reason is based purely on menu luck. We love the fresh seafood on the Playground menu, our favorite things besides the pork bun and Uncle Lou's fried chicken. The last 3 times there haven't been any specials like the uni, live scallop, etc...

            The fried game hen at CO was amazing. A more traditional down south type rendition. The hen was moist and had an excellent crust. What made the dish was the mushroom turkey gravy. The best gravy ever. The only complaint is we'd switch out the grits for mashed potatoes.

            The steamed pork bun at CO was as good as Playground. The pork itself didn't have that great crust but the topping at CO were more to our liking. Both of these pork buns are amazing and you can't go wrong either way.

            The escargot at CO were also pretty good. We may or may not order them again. The escargot was kinda lost in a pool of red pepper sauce. I think I like the more traditional butter and garlic preparation.

            The beer and wine selection at both are excellent. Lots of drafts, lots of great hard to find bottles of beer and a reasonable list of wines at moderate prices.

            Nobody can touch the sticky toffee pudding at Playground.

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