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Jul 17, 2013 12:09 PM

Kingdom of Dumpling on Noriega Moving [San Francisco]

I visited Kingdom of Dumpling on Noriega the other day to buy some frozen dumplings, potstickers, etc. and they told me that they are moving to 2048 Taraval near their restaurant on or about August 1, 2013. The woman who served me wasn't clear as to whether they would be moving on August 1 or whether they would be open on August 1. This is just a heads up for those who, like my family, love their dumplings and who would be devastated if this wonderful shop were to disappear from Noriega and not be easily found.


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  1. thanks for posting the updates, Nancy!

    1. Thanks for the update. I was there today and they did not say anything about it.

      1. was there in june and told july lst was the moving date.
        seems the moving date is contingent on events beyond their control
        -health dept/permit approval?

        1. Saw them on Taraval, at least a dozen ladies stuffing dumplings, yesterday.

          Looks great ... seems like they have fresh XLBs to cook at home. Has anyone had experience with those? I was impressed with the ones at their restaurant across the street yesterday, actually had soup in them (unusual these days).

          What's the experience in general with cooking their dumplings and pancakes at home?

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          1. re: Thomas Nash

            I found their best products to be their Shanghai-style wontons and the radish cakes (luo bo si bing) and xie ke huang ("bean paste crispy cake" on their website). The jiaozi (dumplings) were decent, too but varied by filling.

            One caveat: it's been a while (years, I think) since I've bought stuff there, so quality may have changed.

            1. re: soupçon

              I've been to the Taraval store and the quality is still excellent. Their pork potstickers are also great radish cakes. We also like their shrimp and pork dumplings with chives. Actually, there are not too many things that I don't like there. And they provide cooking directions for each of their products on their website:

              1. re: Nancy Berry

                I buy their pork and shrimp wontons often to keep in the freezer for a quick and delicious dinner. They always keep their shape, which is a pet peeve of mine when cooking frozen wontons. We've tried a couple of the other flavors of wontons (chicken & spinach and another one I can't quite remember) but we like the pork and shrimp the best.

            2. re: Thomas Nash

              Unless you can cook freshly wrapped XLBs within a few minutes of purchase, you're better off buying frozen ones. Otherwise the jellied stock melts and seeps into the wrapper and can make holes.

              1. re: Thomas Nash

                Chicken and spinach wontons are really good and are worth stocking in your freezer--- I would have no idea these were frozen.

                I followed their online directions for the green onion pancakes and they came out okay--- I need more practice cooking these.

                The XLB lacked pliability and ... who am I kidding ... these were just terrible.