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Jul 17, 2013 10:51 AM

A few recent stops....

Hash House a Go Go- great food and cocktails- breakfast, lunch and dinner eveyone going to Mohegan Sun should try it!

Home Restaurant Branford, CT- consistently great food and atmosphere

Dragon East Branford- exceptional Chinease- best duck entrees I have ever had

Pastry Fusions Bakery Rte 80 East Haven- their donuts are now made daily- old fashioned cake style-really good!

Village Bagels rte 1 Milford- great NY style bagels!

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  1. Village Bagels in Milford closed many months ago. Do you mean the new Village Bistro located on the opposite side of RT1 (supposedly operated by the same people)?

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    1. I mentioned this in a Mohegan thread a few weeks ago, but I had a pretty epic pancake experience at Hash House a Go Go at Mohegan.

      I had the brown sugar banana pancake, and it was awesome. It was about the size of a car steering wheel, so I only ate about 2/3 of it, but it was awesome. :)