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Jul 17, 2013 10:49 AM

Relishes & Chutneys - are you making any this year?

I have never made Chutneys & relishes & would like to hear about your experience & favorite recipes.

Old timey recipes & their origin would be especially appreciated. Somehow they taste better when they have a story behind them.

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  1. I've made Madhur Jaffrey's sweet & sour tomato chutney for a gazillion years (well, the 37 years I've been married). Want a recipe? The house stinks of boiling vinegar for the 1st day, but after the chutney's made, it's truly delicious and keeps for ages in the fridge (if you don't eat it all sooner!).

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      I would love a recipe or the name of the book it came from - I have a couple of her books.

      Is this your recipe?

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        That's 99% the same. It's truly delicious, and good with many foods If you're going to serve it to guests, I do recommend making it a few days before to (a) air out the house after all that vinegar smell, and (b) give the flavors awhile to meld. Good stuff

    2. I usually make a couple of chutneys in the autumn. Depends on what I can find going cheap - or free. The latter has involved plums and apples in the past.

      Havnt actually made any in the last couple of years but am still happily eating 2010 vintage ones. I have just one chutney recpe book - so old that the measurements are in ounces, not grammes

      1. I always make the zucchini relish in the Ball Blue's a great use of zucchini and we love it all year round, esp with sausages.

        1. Made a wonderful Rhubarb Orange Chutney this year after a visit to a local farm stand. We had some the other night with roasted chicken. Delish!

          1. I made rhubarb easy and really fact. I think I'll go have some now with some lovely gouda :)

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              Could you post the recipe for the rhubarb marmalade? TIA