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Jul 17, 2013 10:38 AM

Good Chinese In Binghamton

Can anyone recommend some good Chinese restaurants in Binghamton? My friends daughter, a young Chinese woman, is in school there and is searching for places serving authentic Chinese food.

Thank you for your help.

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  1. I believe they may have two menus or authentic Chinese on a more extensive menu.........I'd call or have the young lady call and ask in Chinese

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    1. This is the one that has an authentic menu I believe they still do

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        we were here after my son's problem solving competition and it was great. nyc chinatown quality food.

      2. There are three choices:
        1. China Lake - The oldest in the area. It's more known in the area for its American Chinese dishes but they do have a Chinese menu and serve some of the best seafood plates anywhere (crabs, clams, squid and fish). They also have a few very nice Taiwanese noodle soups that are worth mentioning.
        2. Moon Star - Whether it's from the North or from the South, food is equally good here. They probably have more than one chef who each specializes in his own regional dishes. Portions tend to be a bit small. Since they moved to the new location, some attitude is found with the owner and server, particularly towards the old time regulars. Also, they started charging tea and rice without notice. That was so not cool.
        3. Long Feng - This place is brand new and it's located in the Price Chopper plaza on the West Side of Binghamton. They serve food from multiple regions but with a focus on Cantonese offerings (i.e. light and fresh). A mixed review is given here because the food quality was found inconsistent from one dish to the next. Some were found excellent but nothing was terrible.