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Jul 17, 2013 10:19 AM

Oceanside outdoor dining on the North Shore

Looking for a place where the food isn't second to the view...doesn't have to be fancy, does need to have a liquor license or BYOB. Would like to not be ravaged by mosquitos. Had dinner on the deck at Lat43 last weekend and while the cocktails were great the food was just okay.

To give an idea of my taste, favorites are 5 Corners Kitchen, Blue Ox, 62 Restaurant & Wine Bar, 9 Elm, ipazzi, Azorean, Cielito Lindo, Kame, Farnhams, The Causeway...just to name a few!

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  1. Hmm...might be too far north but Latitude at the Wentworth by the Sea in NH was quite nice the last time we dined.

    We tend to head north (as in NH, ME) for oceanfront dining rather than to Gloucester, etc, as it's tough for us to get theah from heah.

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      Yeah, that would be too far, but thanks. I do enjoy the Portsmouth and Portland restaurant scenes when we are going overnight.

    2. After years of answering this question, I can confidently say that what you are looking for does not exist. There are plenty of great restaurants on the North Shore, but none of them is on the water. The restaurants on the water all suffer from the-view-is-better-than-the-food syndrome. It's interesting that you mention Lat43 because I have had some very good meals there and would have named it as the closest to what you are looking for. If you haven't been to The Market in Annisquam, you might want to give it a try. It's a cove view rather than the ocean and on the pricey side, but the ingredients are all locally sourced, and the food is definitely upscale.

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        Thanks -- I actually posted the question on your fb page earlier hoping for your insight ;)...yeah, that's what I thought but I was hoping there was some secret place I hadn't heard of. I actually was just looking at Market but it looks like they don't have reservations available this Fri. so I will deny the Hubs' request for outdoor/waterfront and make him take me to one of my old standbys instead.

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          You're welcome. If you want to try someplace new, you could try Opus, which just opened in Salem (same group as Lat43) or Wild Horse in Beverly, which is now run by the folks who were in charge (not the owners) of 15 Walnut in Hamilton (we haven't been yet). Another thought is Barrel House American Bar in Beverly, which has some fun, interesting stuff on the menu. Like poutine. Yum.

        2. re: Northshoregirl

          What about The Rudder on Rocky Neck?

        3. Finz's in Salem is decent and on the water. The Barnacle in Marblehead is on the water but less than decent food, same as the Landing in Marblehead. I do enjoy Capt. Carlos in Gloucester which is on the water and the food is usually quite good.

          1. I like Madfish Grille on Rocky Neck. It's been a couple of years since I've gone, though.

            1. My Place on Bear Skin neck in Rockport, great view goods chow.