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Jul 17, 2013 10:05 AM

SF/Oaklander coming to Portland for 3 days..Kingdom of Roosevelt?

HI everyone, Need a little guaidance. For our one "nice" dinner I was thinking Kingdom of Roosevelt. The main reason I picked this is because it seems very local as far as the cuising it sells. I'd like to go places that are very very indicative of where they are located geographically. Would a place like OX/Beast/Le Pigeon be better, although the local angle isn't as strong?

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  1. We only went once with another couple and have loved Eric's food in his last place, but we did not like a single dish and found some incredibly odd. We were super disappointed and really cannot imagine them making it with the current menu design as there is nothing that is close to approachable. And we are very adventurous.

    Any of your other three would be better options.

    If you in the area of Kingdom, then you might consider Roe for a fabulous seafood option. He does serve local harvested items. Division street has a number of great (not local) options as well - Block and Tackle, Xico, Salt & Straw, Lauretta Jeans, Double Dragon, Bar Avignon, Taste Unique...

    1. This is a very difficult decision (if possible eat at all of them!)
      Unfortunately none of the other restaurants you've named are sourcing locally :(
      If you are looking for the most local and creative food in portland (and the best culinary representation of the bounty in our beautiful state) do not miss The Kingdom of Roosevelt. Everything on the menu comes from oregon and I think they are foraging and farming their own food. I highly recommend their sister restaurant, Thistle (if in oregon wine county), which is more of the pork, beef, lamb version of Roosevelt also.

      Please report your dining adventures!

      1. Went tonight. I would put it below Beast, equal to Ox and too different from Le Pigeon to be compared. I liked all six of the dishes we got with the best being the elk tongue, the elk leg, mushroom and stuegon and the wood pigeon liver pate. None of the dishes were a miss and several I would have again. Price for 6 dishes, one non-alcoholic drink & sparkling water was $99 which I think is reasonable but it's my impression is higher than average for the Portland market. Unlike Beast my pescatarian spouse was able to eat three courses without even needing substitutions.

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          How can you compare it to a OX which is essentially a steakhouse? I can understand the beast comparison due to it being a small plate format. How was your le pigeon meal?!

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            The quality of meat was of the same level. Le Pigeon was Le Pigeon, I've eaten there 4 times, all good meals. It doesn't wow me as it does other but I would certainly never turn down a meal there.