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Jul 17, 2013 09:14 AM

Looking for Bread recipe

Hi sorry if this is in the wrong section, was not sure where to post it..

I am looking for a sandwich bread that requires NO eggs, dairy, soy or yeast, and if possible no wheat..Yeah I know a tough one..

I am going nuts looking for one on the net. The only ones I found so far are usually country breads and those are not the best for sandwiches, or other dried out bread yuch :-)

I am craving a peanut butter sandwich with bananas! :-)

I tried buying some yeast free bread from the store we have here, but it cost me $7.00 and was as hard as that old time tack people would take on wagon trail rides lol...
Thanks everyone..

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  1. I found this by googling: vegan paleo bread:

    You should be able to find a lot of paleo and/or gluten free bread recipes, but most use egg... keep up the search, I'm sure you'll find more examples.

    Good Luck!

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    1. re: PamelaD

      Thank you
      This bread looks doable, and thanks for the tip on the Special Diet board, one of the mods of this board zipped it over there for me :-)

    2. Oh, and you might want to post this on the 'Special Diets' board.

      1. PamelaD beat me to the paleo coconut bread suggestion. There are so many wheat-free flour options - spelt, oat, buckwheat, barley, quinoa, millet, teff...

        Maybe one of these recipes will work for you with any necessary substitutions (use non-dairy milk, rice syrup instead of honey, & coconut oil instead of butter):

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        1. re: goodhealthgourmet

          Wow these look really good, I am going to pick one and try it tomorrow. Thanks for the great links..

          1. re: KingCook

            Happy to help, I'm just sorry I can't offer personal experience or feedback about them since I've never tried these recipes. Please let us know how it goes!

            1. re: goodhealthgourmet

              I will let you all know how it goes, I will be making some thing on Thursday when I get some stuff in the house to make them. looking forward to trying them..