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Jul 17, 2013 07:08 AM

Kosher in Orlando

We are regular visitors to Orlando (2 or more times per year), but from what we've read online a lot has changed since our last visit in December. A couple of questions:

1) Is Kosher Culinary (or a new restaurant in the same location) still there? How is the food?
2) I know Cohen's at the hotel closed, but is there a new kosher restaurant that has taken it's place? On FB, something was posted about a Voka Kosher restaurant, but when I replied to the post I got no response.
3) How is the food from Kosher on Wheels? How good is their delivery? Do they park somewhere so you can pick up?
4) How is Lower East Side Kosher?
5) Are there any other options I am not thinking of (we are not going to Disney or Ormond Beach).


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  1. 1] I'm not sure I can and see if they are still there this week for you.

    2] No, not yet Justin is working on a new location .
    He still can do orders, if you contact him on FB I'm sure he will answer you.

    3] Kosher on wheels is Parked at international drive near the outlets ( food was good when I went in Oct 2012 )
    I went vegan in Nov. 2013.

    4] I used them for catering for Hadassah once ( over 2 years ago ) and they were nice and friendly (they did offer veg options)

    5] There are some other places: Balagan at UCF (maybe) and Browns Deli in Maitland ( they both are under the conservative supervision ) There is a Maoz Falafel opening at Millenia Mall ( don't know when)

    If you need more info let me know, you can contact me at

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      We're heading to Orlando in several weeks. I would like to know what is available on the grocery side - meat, cheese, bread etc? We will be staying in a vacation villa with full kitchen and expect to cook most of our meals.

      Thanks in advance.

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        Near the parks,
        The Publix in celebration and Sand lake both have decent kosher frozen selections. (Not sure on meat)
        Regarding cheese, I'm not sure.
        Winn Dixie in Maitland has a large kosher meat selection.

        Also whole foods in Orlando carries Kosher chicken as well.

    2. Kosher Culinary is still there from what I understand. I called them after I saw a post saying that they had closed. Someone who answered said that they changed their name, but not much else. They have been working on improving. We saw an improvement over Yeshiva week, better service, real dishes, expanded menu, better food. This is what he meant. According to something I say on Great Kosher Restaurants , there is someone new called Boca ,not sure about spelling at the Worldgate Hotel. Kosher Culinary's location is convenient. I would recommend them

      1. The original comment has been removed