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Jul 17, 2013 07:06 AM

Good burrito in Roswell?

I just moved to North Atlanta from the West Coast. Accustomed to eating great burritos at taco trucks made by actual Mexicans. Where can I find something good and authentic around here? Not interested in sit down restaurants -- just walk up, and carry out. thanks!

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  1. Sorry, friend. I moved to Atlanta 10 years ago from San Diego, and there is nothing resembling what I was accustomed to. The concept of a walk-up/drive-through Mexican taco stand is essentially not known here.

    That said, are you talking the Northern California style (aka "mission style") or are you talking the Southern California style? There are some allegedly suitable NorCal style burritos around Atlanta, though I'm not sure about Roswell. I am not a fan of the style. To me, a burrito should be a hand-held unit with focused ingredients, not a giant unwieldy log packed with fillers and extraneous things like lettuce and sour cream.

    1. I'm no burrito expert, but as far as walk-up options, your best bet may be to get on some of the food truck feeds through Twitter or Facebook and see if something there strikes your fancy. The food truck craze has been growing in Atlanta in recent years, so you might find something yo like there. Some have specific parking lots where they are on a scheduled basis, and others float based on private neighborhood parties or city events.

      Welcome to Atlanta, and the South!

      1. I, too, am from San Diego, very close to Tijuana. If you are talking about the kind of taco stand from the mercados in Mexico, I haven't found anything like it in Atlanta. There is a tiny restaurant in the back of the Chicago Supermarket on Buford Hywy that I find quite authentic.

        You might also find some genuine Mexican food somewhere in the Buford Hywy Flea Market. They use to have some, but I haven't been there is a while.

        I know nothing about food trucks around here, but I feel doubtful they would give you what you're thinking about.

        Good luck and report back if you find anything.

        1. Mr. Taco in Roswell and Alpharetta has authentic Mexican fare. In Sandy Springs there is a lunch counter in the Tres Hermanos grocery store. Both of these are popular with my Mexican friends and the food is not only fresh and delicious, but very reasonable.

          1. Thanks everyone for the feedback. No taco trucks around here, but I did find a good burrito at Taqueria San Pancho on Alpharetta Hwy.

            It had a decent crowd at lunch and I appeared to be the only gringo in there. There's decent seating but zero ambiance -- all of which I took as a good sign.

            A large salsa bar with a variety of flaming salsas sits next to the counter where you order. It reminded me of countless places in the Mission district of SF.

            The only oddity was that the guy at the counter refused to speak Spanish to me, even though I ordered in Spanish, thanked him in Spanish, etc. He was speaking Spanish to all the regulars and kitchen staff. Not sure what that's about but I'll be back because of the food.