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Jul 17, 2013 06:33 AM

Sunday bday dinner before 8pm show at Lincoln Center.

For myself and my fiance. Can't spend more than $100 pp all inclusive. Need to have some seafood options for fiance as she doesn't eat beef or pork. Staying at the casablanca hotel near times sq. so it would be great to find something on the way to the theater. I know thats a big area so any help is appreciated!!!

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  1. Any wine or drinks in that $100pp figure?

    Have you looked at Lincoln Ristorante? If you don't have any wine/drinks and order carefully, you can stay in your budget.

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    1. re: kathryn

      Forgot maybe 1 reisling for my fiance. I just looked at lincoln ristorante and i think that will be good.

    2. Check out Picholine!! It's the greatest and definitely in your price range and location

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      1. re: pammi

        Picholine is definitely out of the price range Prix Fix is $98 before tax and tip so $125 - $130 before any drinks at all). Lincoln may be too many $$ too.

        Atlantic Grill, right across from Lincoln Center is in price range and has good seafood and is a nice room.

        1. re: dyrewolf

          Not if you go on Savored-if the time is right ,you can get a 20-30% discount on the bill..

          1. re: pammi

            Lincoln is a little more flexible with options and we can probably get away with splitting an app, 2 entrees, and splitting dessert, picholine did look interesting though. Also thanks for the savored suggestion!

            1. re: pammi

              I expect that the discounts at Picholine kick in after the pre theater/opera rush. Even so, at 20% off but adding in tax/tip and a single glass of wine comes to over $100.

              I haven't been in years, but it is Picholine was splurge worthy back then..

              1. re: dyrewolf

                Yeah I looked at the discount times and it would be too late for us.

        2. Lincoln is special and directly next door to your theater. We've done it for less than $200 with just one cocktail or glass of wine. Love it!
          But Ed's Chowder House in the Empire Hotel right across the street is a happening place -- the beautiful people tend to hang out at the busy bar there and the food is very good (not like Lincoln but a fun evening and less expensive than Lincoln).
          If you like Asian food, Shun Lee is right across the street and up 1/2 block.
          Across the street from Shun Lee is Atlantic Grill -- decent seafood.
          Another block down the road is the ever popular (but expensive) Picholine.
          Good luck with your choices and...bon appetit.

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          1. re: arepo

            Thanks for all your suggestions!

          2. I'm gonna say lincoln also but if you want another option look at nougatine terrace if the heat breaks.
            Jg is from Alsace so he's got your Riesling covered

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            1. re: foodyum

              Anything riesling will most likely sway her opinions, I looked at nougatine though and it seems to be a bit more pricey.

            2. How about Cafe Luxembourg, just north of Lincoln Center? Festive, great food, hits your price point without compromise.

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              1. re: Elisa515

                Good suggestion SO is checking it out right now, she loves mussels too so might be easy sell.