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Jul 17, 2013 05:14 AM

Wine, Wine and More Va. Wineries

How about folks, anyone out there can offer up some good analysis of any Northern Virginia wineries that have met or exceeded your expectations, let's categorize this: 1st quality of the wines tasted, 2nd knowledgeable staff, 3rd Venue appearance and space for groups, 4th but not least for sure any decent eats.

I will summarize this by saying I have only really focused on the Loudoun County area. As far as food goes, the BBQ at Corcorans is very good, and the bread and cheese baskets at Sunset Hills are very well done. This is really the only food I have had at any of the wineries I visited.

Wineries I visited and ranked for quality of wines tasted.
1. Otium Vineyards south of Purcellville Va "Best reds try the German red" starts with and "F" the Malbec is quite nice as well.

2. Fabbioli Leesburg Nice Cab Franc, Viognier and an awesome Rasberry Merlot

3. Sunset Hills North Purcellville Best Cab Francs, and good whites.

4. Breaux Vineyards Hillsboro Va Decent reds really good whites

5. Zephaniah Vineyards Nice honest wines, good chambourcin

6. Barns of Hamilton Va. Venue ranks higher than wines, they also are very new, they get most of their wines from central Va, but they were decent.

7. Casanel, Leesburg Va Very light reds, friendly staff, and nice owners, pleasant experience, but wines need more depth.

8. 8 Chains North, Paeonian Springs Va. Decent wines nothing really stood out though, very typical of all the Va wines at all the venues, except most venues manage to have a couple of vintages that stand out, I don't remember any of that here, nice venue sitting in the tasting room though, kinda of a zen thing.

Bluemont Vineyards Great site, but not into the sweet wines, the rest they kinda source from other places, never know what they're gonna have available, food is good though.

Overall for functionality and staff
1. Sunset Hills they can handle the crowds, good entertainment, great barn.
2. Bluemont Vineyards great view, and a nice way to spend the day
3. Breaux Good views, countryside and awesome events
4. Otium Great wines, peaceful setting, unwind.
5. Zephaniah Awesome owners, great old farm house not good for large groups, but a wonderful time spent at Zephaniah chatting it up with the owner.

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  1. 1. Narmada Winery -- their "midnight" red is one of my all-time Virginia favorites
    2. Old House vineyards -- not a *huge* fan of their whites, but the grounds are beautiful and they have a few cheeky reds
    3. James River -- super awesome and really playful, interesting wines

    1. I like Linden for their wine, although if you aren't a wine club member then you don't get as nice of an experience. They have some food which is good, they have a nice view and winery, although it is definitely more upscale and not as laid back.

      Paradise Springs has some good wines and some I don't really prefer, they only have cheese, crackers, salami, but they have a great space you can bring food too and are close to Trummer's On Main. The space is really nice and the staff is very nice and knowledgeable.

      Fox Meadows hasn't been around as long and I think their wine tends to be young. They have local cheeses which are a nice touch. The setting is really pretty. The staff is very very nice and accommodating.

      BOW is much more happening. I don't like their wine as much, but the kid and doggy friendly make it a great casual spot and they have a lot more food choices and I think it's good. The staff is really nice, some though aren't as knowledgeable as others. It is more of a casual hang out vibe.

      I was not impressed with the wine at Chateau O'Brien at all, nor the staff or the venue. I mostly go to wineries in the Cville region, I won't post about all of those since this focuses on NOVA.

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        I have heard some weird stories about Chateau O'Brien as well.
        I think I am going to try Linden I have heard good thing about them.
        Thanks for the reply