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Lunch on way from the Cape to Boston?

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Looking for a family friendly place to eat on our drive from Cape Cod to Boston...thx!

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  1. I've never done this before but when coming back from the Cape on the Sunday after the fourth, we turned off on Rt 139 in Pembroke to find something to eat and to wait for the traffic to subside. We went to Oysters and was very pleasently surprised. Nice place in a small strip mall.

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      Also in Pembroke is Poopsie's, which despite the awful name has delicious bar pizza.

    2. Plymouth has the Lobster Hut which is family friendly and good food.

      1. Plymouth has the always reliable East Bay Grill on the harbor as well as several clam shack type places and if you are in the mood for good Tex Mex there is Sam Diegos in the center of downtown.

        1. How far off the beaten track are you willing to go? Also are you looking for something un-cape like (meaning you have had your fill of lobster rolls, clam chowder, etc) and want something different?

          1. My two suggestions would be Windy City Eats in Weymouth for Chicago style dogs and Italian beef sandwiches or Pain D'Avignon in Hyannis for awesome sandwiches, salads and flatbreads. Both places are about 5 minutes off the highway.

            1. Woods Seafood on the harbor in Plymouth is a good clamshack/fish market. I'm not a fan of East BAy Grill at all, and Sam Diego is dreadful Gringo Mexicrap. Doesn't even qualify as Tex Mex. Many here like Blue Eyed Crab in Plymouth also. Pain D'Avignon is excellent, but Hyannis is not on the way to Boston. French Memories in Duxbury is perhaps a better option with french bistro lunch options and excellent baked goods and pastries.

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                Hyannis is on the way to Boston if you start in Ptown or Wellfleet

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                  That's true. Hyannis is also on the way to Boston if you start in Yarmouth, but I don't think that was the OP's intention in the post.

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                  We had some very good experiences at Blue Eyed Crab; diverse menu; lovely patio at the less busy part of the main drag.

                3. I've always enjoyed Dinatalie's Seafood on Court St. in Plymouth. Nothing fancy, but excellent fried and broiled fish and a very good lobster roll. Sadly, they no longer have the crab roll, which I thought was one of the best in the region.