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Adam Platt in NY Magazine on Noisy Restaurants

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Since this is a personal peeve that deters me from eating out more often, thought I would post this:


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  1. Thanks for the read.

    I'm 35 years old and feel like I missed a step- when did loud become desirable? And why is it assumed that's what people want every single time they eat out? Each new restaurant that opens in our small city seems to follow the loud music/harsh acoustics recipe. We rarely eat out anymore.

    Cranked up music blasting through a cavernous dining space filled with yelling patrons sends me right back through the front door.

    1. What a well written article. I enjoyed every insight even if I'm not at all bothered by loud restaurants. I actual enjoy lively atmospheres and music playing. Even live bands playing while I'm dining. I understand a dramatic change in atmosphere can be hard to adjust to for some but if I want a quiet, intimate dining experience I stay home or pick a place I know will accommodate.

      1. I hate the trend. NYC places are the worst, but there are pockets of noise all over the US.

        1. I hate it, it completely ruins the experience for me.

          1. I'll avoid Babbo in that case.

            1. I hate extremely loud restaurants. A little background noise is good -- gives a place some life -- but I actually like the people I dine with and would like to hear what they have to say. At some point loud music just makes you feel unwelcome, and that's the opposite of hospitality.

              1. I don't mind some noise, it adds to the privacy of the conversations at my table. When it's too quiet, I feel like everyone around us is hearing every word of what we say.

                1. From the article:

                  "But ask any weary gastronaut about the single most disruptive restaurant trend over the past decade or so, and they’ll give you a succinct, one-sentence answer. It’s the noise, stupid."

                  Really? I must be stupid then. Really really stupid.

                  1. I really really really don't like loud music or noise when eating. Eating is social for me and I like being able to talk and hear the people I'm with, without shouting, straining and losing my voice and hearing. I thought the music at Momofuku and Fatty Crab were especially HORRID with lots of F bombs and objectionable slurs. I asked them not to play such music and they looked at me like I was insane.