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Jul 17, 2013 12:59 AM

Best Asian grocery store & Asian Buffet

Will be going to San Diego soon and wanted opinions on the best Asian grocery store in the greater San Diego area and if there is actually a decent Asian buffet (I know asking for a good buffet is almost futile)


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  1. There are a good number of Asian groceries in SD; Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino, Indian, etc. Did you have a particular type in mind?

    Personally, I have no guidance on an Asian buffet.

    1. Onami maybe your best bet for an Asian Buffet.

      It's better than Todai, which isn't saying much, but certainly gives you a point of reference.

      1. In a small relative area going up to Kearny Mesa to check out 3 big ones.

        Mitsuwa which is heavily Japanese focused.

        Ranch 99 which is more Chinese and southeast asian. If you want a chinese cleaver, this is the place to go. Grab a ShibaZi or Cleverest Son's Wife, yes that is the brand name. I love my Shibazi.

        A little east of Ranch is Zion which recently moved and expanded and is heavily Korean centric.

        There are many others about town but those three are close to each other.


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          +1 on Mitsuwa. and they have decent ramen.

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            Not too far from these three is Tuan Phat in Linda Vista, Vietnamese, to round things out.

          2. If you haven't tried H-Mart yet, definitely go. The crowds have tapered off since the new Zion opened, so parking isn't so bad. They're mainly Korean, but have a nice selection of Japanese and Chinese products as well. Between H-Mart and Zion, I like H-Mart better overall.