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Jul 16, 2013 10:43 PM

What is everyone growing in Honolulu??

So I've got a fairly decent sized backyard for living in city limits and was wondering what most people grow here? I know Hawaii is famous for pineapples and coffee but don't know much more than that. My yard is kind of a desert bowl right but I figured some sprinklers could take care of that. Any suggestions? I'm willing to grow about anything and cook around it, no specific desires really.

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  1. bananas




    1. bananas take like 2 yrs to grow, and then only fruit once, after which you have to cut it down, although offshoots develop into new trees. we have apple bananas and they are wonderful, but were a long time in the making.

      herbs are essential, esp green onion, rosemary, cilantro, and basil.

      tomatoes are easy to grow. we also have tangerine, calamonsi, longan, starfruit. jabong/buluk tree was cut down.

      i don't have much of a green thumb, i stick to small potted cacti and my mom, and sister, when she lived here, were the gardeners.

      1. You gotta have at least 1 Hawaiian chile pepper bush!

        1. My brother lives in Mililani Mauka--look what's growing in his backyard!!!

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            Kauai has that problem too. A few have died of lead poisoning in my yard.

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              I've had them too every year! You can hire a hunter and they will make sausage and share with you.

            2. I don't grow have a yard, but I would suggest finding the nearest community garden and see what the people there are growing. Here is a list of the gardens:

              go early in the morning, thats when most people are there, they generally love to talk about their plots.