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Any Good Knife Sharpening Devices Out There?

I'm looking for something decent to sharpen our Heinckel kitchen knives. I've been using a diamond-embedded EZE-Lap for many years, but it doesn't seem as effective as when it was new. Even after washing/rinsing it as recommended by the manufacturer. Any ideas?

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    EZE lap makes a few different sharpening products - which one do you have? Could just be something as simple as the abrasive grit worn out of your sharpener. But I don't have enough info to say, really.

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      It's got EZE Lap Diamond "M" printed on the shaft, followed by the Carson City, NV address. No other model numbers or other identification. I think I bought it in the early 1980s.

    2. I just got the Edge Pro Apex 4 system. It's fantastic for getting a very sharp edge.

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      1. Chef's Choice 15/20. It can handle western knives as well as asian.

        1. Based on reputation, Edge Pro is really good, but also expensive. I don't know anyone who bought one and regret it -- due to performance.


          Some argue that Wicked Edge is just as good:


          I play with free hand sharpening, so I don't have first hand experience of these systems.

          1. I own an Edge Pro Apex system, and can say that it is excellent, fool proof and bomb proof.
            That said, the Wicked Edge is a great system, and if I were to be in the market for one, I would purchse the Wicked Edge.

            1. Easy and foolproof Chef's choice electric sharpener, a bit more complicated but still easy (and even better results than the chef's choice) Edge pro, but if you want to get the pinnacle of sharpness learn to free hand sharpening with stones, I love to sharpen my knives with "Gesshin" stones, a progression from 500 to 8000 grit and then some stropping and your knives become kitchen scalpels. The cons, a bit expensive and freehand has a learning curve. Choose according to your likes and needs. I own the 3 systems and I became an addicted to sharpen freehand with my Japanese gyutos, and for my staff in the kitchen I sharpen their knives with the Edge pro and they think that they have the worlds sharpest knives... Until they try mines. Both systems gives you razor sharp blades, and the chef's choice gives you a great edge too but the polishing is limited, and with the edge pro or the water stones you can polish up to your likes and needs. Regards!

              1. I use a Wicked Edge on both our German and Japanese knives. Awesome is all I can say. I maintain with a ceramic rod for the Japanese knives and a fine diamond rod for the German blades. All angles the same, 15 degrees, we don't get paranoid about a few chips.

                The downside is, assembled, its large and heavy. However its used once a year on the German knives and, perhaps every second year on the Japanese knives. So its home is in the garage.

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                  If you want accuracy, fast learning curve, repetitive angles on the same blade and awesome flexibility and consistent results by hand, the Wicked Edge System is the way to go.