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Jul 16, 2013 07:38 PM

Breakfast baking for the cabin

Have been invites to a friends cabin and thought it would be nice to bring some baking. Looking for something to bring to feed 9 people, inexpensive to make. Not muffins. Can be baked ahead and frozen or maybe premade but baked there. Sweet and savoury recipes would be appreciated.

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  1. This recipe for Winter Warming Baked Oatmeal is a treat - like a thick, soft oatmeal cookie/bar but slightly "healthier"

    1. And this Snickerdoodle Bundt cake was a HUGE hit at a family celebration brunch. Note that you'll want to use full-fat sour cream in this one (voice of experience -- cake fell when nonfat was tried.)

      1. For things to make there, couldn't get much cheaper or quicker than pancakes.

        For things you could bake ahead of time and bring up, my first thought is banana bread. As for savory, well you'd have to be careful about avoiding more expensive ingredients, but you could use frozen pie shells and make a bunch of quiches to be reheated. Eggs are dirt cheap and quite filling.

        1. This recipe is not expensive, killer tasty - and is best if made the day before. So perfect to make the day before you travel!

          Don't be fooled by the title - it does not need the blueberry stuff on the side. Just bake it in a deep dish pyrex pie pan, poke holes in the top while it is warm and pour the glaze over it - and let cool and set overnight. It becomes the perfect breakfast or tea cake!


          1. frittata comes to mind for a savory dish, they freeze well and reheat or can be eaten cold. I made one not too long ago using a ham slice and a bunch of veggies - not expensive at all. :)
            I was also going to suggest a baked oatmeal - i make it about once a week for our weekday breakfasts.

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              I second the frittata idea. Recently made this one from BA with creminis, leeks and fontina. Delicious. I used low-fat sour cream in the eggs and they were so fluffy. I don't think I'll ever make another frittata without it. http://www.bonappetit.com/recipes/qui...

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                Thanks for all the ideas. I think I was a little unclear in my OP though. I am looking for baked goods, not meals. I have been thinking of scones. Anyone have a nice recipe for scones? I have some cherries I can use too!

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                  I think folks thought when you said "savory" that, savory baked stuff as well.

                  But hey, the advice you've gotten, both sweet and savory? It's helping me, so, thank you!

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                    Montreal has a great tea room and the owner has provided this scone recipe, am posting for your review.

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                        It is supposed to be a good recipe, the tea room is very popular in Montreal. I want to make the recipe as well, maybe today is the day.