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Jul 16, 2013 07:19 PM

Where can I eat in the Franconia NH area?

Will be traveling this weekend 7/19--7/22 with in-laws and two eight year old boys.

Help! Naturally I hate generic chain food or I wouldn't be here.

We live in Portland, ME, so we are kind of spoiled. Please save us from Applebee's and friendly's !!!

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  1. There is a fabulous gourmet restaurant in the Sugar Hill Inn. Reservations are required. Polly's Pancake House, also in Sugar Hill, is an institution.

    The secret with Polly's is to call an hour ahead and leave your name on the list. Otherwise the wait is over an hour.

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      Absolutely second the vote on Sugar Hill for food and ambiance though the children may get a bit restless during length of service.

    2. Rosa Flamingos in Bethleham!!

      1. In Littleton:

        (breakfast) Topic of the Town or Littleton Diner (Topic of the Town roomier with the kids)
        (quick pizza/subs) Porfido's Deli
        swanky supper Balliwick's (would be nice if inlaws could babysit? ;-) )
        Fresh, non-chain lunch/supper: Chang Thai
        Ice cream/treats: Bishops or Chutters


        (Breakfast or nice dinner): Wayside Inn restaurant, the Riverview (lots of Swiss specialties, excellent salmon, excellent local venison)
        Breakfast/lunch/coffee: Maia Papaya
        Pizza/Chile's type apps (fried cheese, etc): Rosa Flamingos
        Surprising and fresh: Cold Mountain Cafe
        Ice Cream: Rennell's Homemade (my favorite)

        In Littleton, to get provisions for a picnic/hike, I really love the Littleton Food Coop. Super source of local cheeses/charcuterie/other dairy and produce.

        I too love the Sugar Hill Inn, but find Polly's Pancake House to be not worth the drive/wait. JMO.