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Jul 16, 2013 07:19 PM

Where can I eat in the Franconia NH area?

Will be traveling this weekend 7/19--7/22 with in-laws and two eight year old boys.

Help! Naturally I hate generic chain food or I wouldn't be here.

We live in Portland, ME, so we are kind of spoiled. Please save us from Applebee's and friendly's !!!

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  1. There is a fabulous gourmet restaurant in the Sugar Hill Inn. Reservations are required. http://sugarhillinn.com/the-culinary-... Polly's Pancake House, also in Sugar Hill, is an institution. http://pollyspancakeparlor.com/

    The secret with Polly's is to call an hour ahead and leave your name on the list. Otherwise the wait is over an hour.

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      Absolutely second the vote on Sugar Hill for food and ambiance though the children may get a bit restless during length of service.

    2. Rosa Flamingos in Bethleham!!

      1. In Littleton:

        (breakfast) Topic of the Town or Littleton Diner (Topic of the Town roomier with the kids)
        (quick pizza/subs) Porfido's Deli
        swanky supper Balliwick's (would be nice if inlaws could babysit? ;-) )
        Fresh, non-chain lunch/supper: Chang Thai
        Ice cream/treats: Bishops or Chutters


        (Breakfast or nice dinner): Wayside Inn restaurant, the Riverview (lots of Swiss specialties, excellent salmon, excellent local venison)
        Breakfast/lunch/coffee: Maia Papaya
        Pizza/Chile's type apps (fried cheese, etc): Rosa Flamingos
        Surprising and fresh: Cold Mountain Cafe
        Ice Cream: Rennell's Homemade (my favorite)

        In Littleton, to get provisions for a picnic/hike, I really love the Littleton Food Coop. Super source of local cheeses/charcuterie/other dairy and produce.

        I too love the Sugar Hill Inn, but find Polly's Pancake House to be not worth the drive/wait. JMO.