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Jul 16, 2013 07:04 PM

Post Proposal celebration - Restaurant in SF?


I'm looking for suggestions on restaurants in SF where my girlfriend (hopefully fiancée) and I could go to right after I propose.

I'm looking for a place (must be in SF) with a nice atmosphere that would be less than $100 a person BEFORE wine, and also where they wouldnt mind us taking a few pictures at our table to commemorate the day. They would also have to be open until at least 9:30pm, preferably until 10pm.

We are open to all cuisines. I tried making a reservation at Gary Danko, but they were booked. :(

I appreciate any advice or tips on where to go. Thank you so much!!

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  1. How about Café Claude? Romantic as hell and I had GREAT food there recently.

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    1. re: c oliver

      Love Cafe Claude, but also consider it's sister restaurant right on the same block, Gitane.

      1. re: pamf

        Ah, yes. I haven't been there but a 'foodie' friend of mine loves it.

        1. re: c oliver

          Next time you are in the area, stop in for at least a cocktail. The decor it is over the top romantic, while Claude is more refined and makes you imagine that you could be in Paris for an hour or so.

          Menus are quite different, so that could be a deciding factor too. Claude is classic French with a bit of California, Gitane has a Spanish/Mediterranean slant.

          Both are well within the OPs price range too.

          1. re: pamf

            Oh, thanks for all that. And thanks for mentioning the price which is quite moderate.

      1. La folie - let them know and they will give you one of the more "romantic" tables (some are a little more private than others)

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        1. re: estnet

          Thanks. I read a bit about La Folie and it seems like it would fit the bill. I did also read that it may have been going downhill a bit. I hope thats not the case though!

          1. re: leddytech

            La Folie, absolutely.
            I had a birthday party in their private room 2 years ago and it was brilliant:


            As for going downhill, well, this dinner was two years ago.
            At that point, I actually felt that Passat was reaching new heights, not getting worse. I would be very surprised to hear about him going downhill.

        2. Is there not a restaurant that has sentimental value for you two? That would be my first choice.

          Well, good luck to you!

            1. re: leddytech

              some friends of mine really, really liked fleur de lys, mostly for the service. supposedly one of their staff members drove them in their car home when they couldn't find a cab or something. but i've never been.

              1. re: leddytech

                I haven't been to Fluer De Lys in awhile but it seems like it would work. It is fairly dark inside the restaurant so keep that in mind since you will be taking pictures.

                I like Acquerello & Keiko's as options.