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Staying outside Waikiki with husband and toddler. Lunch recommendations?

We will have a car and need recommendations for places to go with our toddler. We are not into fast food restaurants or fried foods. In fact, it would be great to find some places that have some healthy dining options. Thanks! Nikki

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  1. Nico's
    Greens and Vines
    Blue Tree

    1. Where outside of Waikiki are you staying? It makes a big difference between Kailua/Kaneohe, Ko Olina/Aulani, Turtle Bay, Kahala, etc.

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          Everything in town is fair game then. Everyone's suggestions are good. Hoku's & Plumeria Beach House at the Kahala are nice. Let me add places in the Kaimuki/Diamond Head/Kapahulu area that weren't mentioned yet like Diamond Head Market & Grill or Pioneer Saloon or Good to Grill or Your Kitchen for takeout plates, Ono Seafood for poke, Izakaya Nonbei or Gazen for izakaya, Sweet E's for breakfast.

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            I second killersmile's recommendations for Diamond Head Market (scones!) and Pioneer Saloon. Hoku's has a great Sunday brunch and you can't go wrong with the view from the restaurants at The Kahala.

            Don't forget to grab an acai bowl while you're here...Lanikai Juice and Diamond Head Cove are great places and close to your hotel.

            And a few others that haven't been mentioned yet...
            The Original Roy's (in Hawaii Kai)
            3660 on the Rise

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              Great suggestions. I don't know if it's true for brunch but at dinner Hoku's requires long pants for the men. If you don't arrive in them they issue you a pair of polyester drawstring waist numbers.

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                Pretty sure that Roy's in Hawaii Kai and 3660 on the Rise don't serve lunch.

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                  forgot about the lunch requirement. in that case you can remove the izakayas from the list

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                    My apologies!

                    Other LUNCH suggestions:

                    Sweet Home Waimanalo...certainly not in the area, but perhaps worth your drive! :)

                    Fresh Catch (Kaimuki)

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                      yeah, i can't believe i forgot fresh catch
                      if the OP likes/wants to try poke, this is the closest choice

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                        Poke?...head to Tamura's!! (although it's a market, not a restaurant)

                    2. re: honu2

                      3660 did for a short time, they no longer do. Roy's Hawaii Kai is not open for lunch.

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                        However, if you happen to be in the area, I believe Roy's Ko Olina serves lunch!

                        1. re: hungryhungryme

                          Roy's Ko Olina is the least good of all Roy's in HI IMO.

              1. There are a number of prepared food vendors at the KCC, Kailua, and Blaisdell farmers markets! I'd also recommend Bogart's Cafe for breakfast (get a take out order and have a picnic at the beach).

                And a few other ideas:
                Waialua Bakery (on the North Shore)
                Whole Foods (for a quick stop)
                Cafe Kaila
                Taste Table (rotating pop ups)
                Uncle Clay's House of Pure Aloha
                Cafe Julia

                1. - fusion: town, kakaako kitchen, big city diner
                  - dim sum: legends, happy days, tai pan, mei sum
                  - ramen: tenkaippin ramen, goma tei, yotteko-ya, gomaichi
                  - sandwiches: ba-le , LaTour, Panya, Andy's, Cafe Laufer
                  - fish: Nico's, Uncle's, Kyung's, Fresh Catch
                  - hawaiian: Haili's, Ono's, People's Cafe, Helena's

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                    1. re: indelibledotink

                      why is that indel? its been a couple of years since I was there but it still gets mostly good reviews on yelp, even from 'local' people. what kinds of issues have you had there?

                      1. re: KaimukiMan

                        ono Hawaiian food is different than ono seafood. the following refers to ono Hawaiian food only.

                        prices are very high and portions are very small. I feel you should get 3x the food for the price. for example, if you order lomi salmon (diced salmon, tomatoes, green onion, onion), it comes in a small condiment size plastic cup, like when you get hot mustard from Chinese take out.

                        but that doesn't matter as much as the taste of the food, which is horrible. I believe a lot of people come away with a disgust because they are told to try ono's.

                        I could not identify any salmon in the lomi. the haupia tasted sweet, but not like regular haupia, and it was a tiny piece. i ordered the tripe stew, and i thought it tasted awful.

                        i will never go back there.

                  1. kaimuki-
                    12th ave grill

                    tokkuri tei
                    good to grill
                    cafe kaila
                    uncle bo's

                    diamond head grill and bakery

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                      half your list isn't open for lunch. 3660, 12th ave grill, salt, tokkuri tei, uncle bo's are all only open for dinner.

                      1. re: killersmile

                        oops, sorry
                        i read it incorrectly

                        big city diner

                        food trucks
                        cafe kaila
                        good to grill

                        DH grill and bakery

                        no fried foods cuts out a lot of my favorite places :)

                        more later tonight

                    2. you can try Vietnamese. Saigon café is in kaimuki, and you must experience pho and bahn mi if you have not already. viet food is very healthy and fresh in general.

                      boston style pizza, coffee talk, koa's house of pancakes, Azteca all also in kaimuki. not sure if the scones place is still open.

                      don't go to the burrito place, prices are way too high.

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                      1. re: indelibledotink

                        not to be argumentative, but pizza and mexican are weak points in HI
                        depending on where the OP is from, there are likely better options where they live

                        1. re: macsak

                          true, but these are relatively healthy and not bad if you have kids. the OP sounds like they just want food, not Hawaii specific stuff. correct me if i'm wrong.

                          also in the kahala area is a whole foods which has a deli.

                          but my highest rec would be Saigon cafe

                          1. re: indelibledotink

                            I tend to agree with Macsac. While I think Azteca is one of the best places for Mexican in Honolulu, its not anything special by most mainland standards. And it is "old Californ" style Mexican, not what is now considered "authentic". I don't think I've ever heard Mexican referred to as healthy before, heck Mexico now has a bigger weight problem than the US. Outside of the Margaritas, Jose's is to be avoided. Nasty stuff that.

                            Scones was still open last time I looked.

                            There is also St. Louis Drive in further down Waialae. Much of it is not terribly health, but their seafood bento's are pretty decent.

                            And I agree Saigon's is good for Pho, as is Hale Vietnam, but Saigons is less expensive.

                            Is North Shore Grinds in Palolo still in operation?

                            1. re: KaimukiMan

                              what about that small japanese place in palolo/kaimuki that had plate lunches and shave ice?

                              1. re: macsak

                                that's north shore grinds - at least I think it is

                                1. re: KaimukiMan

                                  Your Kitchen is the place with the shave ice. However, Uncle Clay's is great as well!

                      2. Thanks all! I can't wait to try out some of these suggestions! We were in your neck of the woods in February and did most of our lunches at Whole Foods, as we obviously didn't have a clue. Then we would drive around until Little Guy fell asleep in his car seat; nap time in a hotel room can be treacherous. I am so excited to try some recommended fare. Thanks again! Nikki

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                        1. Love Giovanni's shrimp truck in North Shore..best garlic shrimp.
                          Has nice new covered patio..packed and always with tons of Aloha..
                          Matsumoto for shave ice..
                          Anyone been to Opal Thai?

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                          1. re: Beach Chick

                            beach chick,

                            have you tried all of the shrimp trucks? I haven't tried any of them yet.

                            the line at aoki's shave ice is starting to rival matsumoto's.

                            1. re: indelibledotink

                              I wish I could say I've been to the myriad of shrimp trucks up in North Shore but Giovanni's garlic shrimp with 2 scoops has me jonesing on the mainland for months that no other place exists for me.

                              Gotta try Aoki's..same thing for me on Matsumoto..love me the lilikoi..