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Jul 16, 2013 06:35 PM

Help me find this restaurant - I can't remember the name

Vague description, I know. First, I believe it's right off the GSP between Stone Harbor and AC. There is a second location near Philadelphia, possibly in Cherry Hill. It's a roadside place, reminds me of a Stewart's, with a pretty big menu, huge pastries in the pastry case, and they sold jars of homemade hot mustard at the counter. Most memorable item from lunch was the homemade potato chips. There were no other buildings nearby. No more than 1/2 mile off the exit (which one? Not sure). We all think there was a cowboy or circus either in the name or on the sign. We are going that way in a couple of weeks and would like to get more of that mustard, and maybe a big ole breakfast this time. Anyone know where I'm talking about? I've been searching online for two hours with no luck :( thanks!!

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  1. I believe this place may be called the Circus Drive-in.

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      The Circus drive in I know of is in the Sea Girt area whic

    2. Are you thinking of Weber's Drive In along Rt 38 in Pennsauken ? It has that resemblance to a Stewart's.

      1. Sad to say, it is neither of these. I think it was near Marmora/Egg Harbor.

        1. I just drove past a place like this on Rt 30 and I think it was in Egg Harbor and it was near the Parkway. On the north side of Rt 30. Looked kind of cool -- I don't remember the name though. So it's probably the place you are thinking of, and it's still there.

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            Thanks for the info! At least this narrows down the location.

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              Just checked the map - looks like Rte 30 is north of the AC Expressway, so that's not it. My driving route was GSP north to ACE, to Walt Whitman Bridge. Thanks anyway!

            2. re: sadiefox

              Google Street view is available on that stretch of Route 30.

            3. Ooooh oooh oooh (falling out of my chair with excitement) - I think you mean Mr. Bill's!

              If you drove GSP to ACE to Walt, you probably would have gotten off the ACE at Rt 73 and taken that towards Philly - Mr. Bill's in Winslow is right by that exit/entrance. There is a huge cowboy statue in the parking lot.

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                THAT'S IT!!!!! Where do I send your gold star??

                Thanks so much! It was a perfect place to stop on the way to/from vacation, and I will be extra happy if I can get another jar of their homemade mustard!

                Thanks everyone for your help! Chowhounds are the best!

                1. re: lisavf

                  Happy to help! Enjoy some deliciously greasy road food for me, and that will be thanks enough. :)

                2. re: truman

                  Ah, so it's not "right off the GSP" but right off the ACE.

                  Btw, I think it's supposed to be a lumberjack not a cowboy. But just as random a symbol for a restaurant!