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Birthday Dinner for 20 year old

This will be for my daughter and 7 friends. Looking for a fun vibe kind of place where they will like being. Do not want an "senior citizen crowd" (because I will never hear the end of it). Maybe at the shore or Red Bank. We live in Freehold. American food under $50 pp. Food should be good but not gourmet. Anything come to mind? Thanks

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  1. Teak in Red Bank is the first thing that popped in my head.


    I just realized you said American food..sorry

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      That's a sushi place..that might work because the girls all love sushi! I will mention that to her. Anything else? Is it hard to get a reservation thee. This is next week Saturday the 27th.

    2. On Saturday night, we celebrated a friend's son's 22nd birthday at Porta in Asbury Park - 9 people - he had a great time!

      1. How about Red in Red Bank? Has the vibe you're looking for, the sushi and food is all good but not gourmet - with pricing that should stay within the budget...


        1. She'll always tell you how good a time she had..................after doing Porta. It's perfect. Pizza or pasta is a winner for that age group. You'll keep your number under $50pp and it's loud enough to be able to having her and her friends 'be themselves' and have a blast.

          Just get their early. No reservations and because it's so popular, the wait can be long. Go early and then walk the boards into Ocean Grove and over to Dey's Ice Cream Parlor to extend the event.

          You can thank me later. :-)

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            No reservations, but I've had success calling ahead and having my name added to the wait list.

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              I heard that one could do that Js (also thought that it was in the NYT review). I'll try that maneuver the next time I visit.

          2. The only correct response is PORTA.

            1. Joe's Crab Shack in Eatontown is terrible food but if they do it right, perfect for an immature crowd. This reply was meant to be a recommendation even if it doesn't sound like it.

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                is Joes really that bad? I mean how do you screw up a crab that was already precooked and then frozen in alaska? They are reheating snow crab like all the other places so how do they mess this up? Serious question LOL

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                  Porta has fun but my daughter is saying "its a bar and she doesn't want to be the youngest ones there (makes face), It will be just the girls..we will not be going. Any other ideas..but that's for your recommendations anyway.

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                    Comment: She shouldn't feel that way as while it has a couple of bars, the space is gigantic with 80% of the floor plan being 'family style' picnic tables ALL IN A ROW - all there for the food.

                    Communal happy dining like you won't find anywhere down here and there are more families (with kids in tow) than you'd think. I commented on it on an earlier thread about Porta (that youngsters 8 or 9 years old shouldn't be in there- but it is what it is).

                    Porta is very ecumenical - everyone's welcomed and it shows at the dining areas which again is the majority of the place. Plus there are so many groups of teens and young adults (on most nights) that they out number families many nights especially now that summer's kicked in.

                    Tell her that and know that the consensus recommendation (above) is Porta as we feel it's just absolutely perfect for the party you envision. CH'ers on here wouldn't steer you there if it was anything like the Cameo Bar in town (inside joke). Trust us on Porta and as I cited in an earlier post, you can thank us afterwards.

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                        Thank you all so much for the advice! My daughter was at Porta last night and she and her friends really enjoyed themselves..We called ahead for a party of 6 and they did not have to wait long at all. They are thinking of returning they liked it so much. Thanks again!

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                          I told you that you'd thank us. You're more than welcome dear..... ;-)

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                            YW! You just can't go wrong at Porta. :-)

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                      > is Joes really that bad?

                      No, I'm saying they put the emphasis on having fun. The waitstaff come out and play tricks on the birthday girl, they do line dances, they sing, they laugh, it is a full-on party. The girls are just going to order fried mozzarella sticks after all; the food doesn't need to be the center of attention.

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                        CJ do a search for my review of Joes. The WORST!

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                        I couldn't recommend Joes Crab Shack to my worst enemy.

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                          That's only because you and I enjoy good food. I'm not sure that was the main criterion here.