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Jul 16, 2013 04:25 PM

Breakfast and Lunch on S. Hennepin Ave.

I have to work all day around 24th and Hennepin. Can I start the day anywhere with a breakfast taco or burrito? Also, I'd love to get a sandwich for lunch. I know Golooney's is long gone, I'm familiar with the sandwiches from D'Amico and I'm not at all impressed with Rye. Maybe I'll just swing over to Nicollet for a bahn mi?

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  1. I haven't tried it, but Isles Bun Company (28th and Hennepin) is supposed to have tasty focaccia pizza. If you'd be willing to head over to Nicollet, you could also consider heading over to Lyndale (and 26th) for a the fried chicken sandwich at World Street Kitchen. I'm coming up empty on breakfast tacos.

    1. Head six blocks east to Lyndale. French Meadow and Common Roots are both at the corner of 26th and Lyndale. Breakfast burritos, etc. at French Meadow. Breakfast tacos at Common Roots. Sandwiches at both.

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      1. re: Jordan

        Yeah, but neither French Meadow nor Common Roots is anything to write home about, honestly. World Street is much more exciting.

        1. re: gildeddawn

          For lunch, definitely. For breakfast, the detail that they're closed before 11AM might be a factor. :)

          1. re: KTFoley

            Good point. I was only thinking about the sandwiches part, and forgot about the breakfast question.

          2. re: gildeddawn

            I haven't been to World Street yet. I think FM and CR are both pretty good. Awesome, life-changing? No. But an enjoyable meal that is better than the average.

            1. re: Jordan

              Yeah, that's fair. They're both in my "fine, but not exciting," category.

              FM's service can be painfully slow, also.

        2. There's always the Wedge Coop to explore for options.

          1. I like the World Street Kitchen idea. A little further up Hennepin (on 31st just off of Hennepin) is Lucia's To-Go which I think has excellent "lunch food".

            1. One more thought...apparently The Lowry has breakfast burritos... I have not had breakfast at the Lowry, but in general, I think they are very solid for a neighborhood restaurant/bar sort of place.