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Jul 16, 2013 04:24 PM

Cape Breton Foods, and Where to Eat Them?!

Heading on a trip to Sydney/Louisburg and the Cabot Trail (if we're lucky) - in mid August. We're from Lunenburg/Halifax. I'm a big foodie, particularly interested in regional cuisine and local gems/institutions.

I have heard that Cape Breton pizza is something special, so looking for a recommendation for that.

What's this about butterscotch pie?!

Is finnin haddie actually a thing? Are there any notable dishes of Celtic origin? And... where is the best place to find traditional Acadian foods?

Also, if we were to eat one real nice fancy meal out - where would you suggest? Thanks!

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  1. We head to Cape Breton on August 1st, our first time there, so really hoping this thread gets some replies as well!

    Cheers :)

    1. For a nice meal out I would go to the Golf Course (Cabot Links) in Inverness, the best food on the Island, maybe Nova Scotia, with an amazing view as well.
      The Glenora Distillery is very nice as well. You wouldn't be disapointed. It's in the same area.
      Probably my favorite is The Red Shoe Pub in Mabou. It's the one place I wouldn't miss. The food is good but atmosphere is amazing. It's very "East Coast." Again, not to be missed.
      If you are driving by Baddeck and want lunch there is a spot called The Herring Choker, it is very good.
      When you drive on to the Island there is a place called Fleur De Lis in Port Hawkesbury. Probably the best resturant in the area. Really good homemade food. It is kind of hiding in the middle of a strip mall, but worth driving in to if you are crossing the causeway.
      Half way around the Trail there is a place called Morrisons. It is good as well. Worth a stop if you are in the Area.
      If you are in North Sydney you have to stop at the Lick-A-Chick. It is greasy, KFC style chicken...probably worse, but one of those spots that everyone has been to.....for some reason. Go just to say you went. :)
      The Yellow Chello in Baddeck is good as well.

      If you are going to be in Cape Breton the last week of August, and like good food, check this out:
      It's amazing.
      If you have any questions about any of the locations, or any specific areas just ask and I will do my best to help.

      If you are driving by Antigonish on your way there are a few great sports in Antigonish
      Gabrieau's Bistro is really good, The Brownstone is also good and The Public hoise is a great spot to stop for a drink.


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      1. re: montel

        How it's looking right now is something like this:
        Friday Night (Baddeck): Chanterelle Inn

        The next day we do the Cabot Trail:
        Saturday Lunch (Cheticamp): Acadian Restaurant & Aucoin Bakery
        Also stopping at Cedar House Bakery, Big Spruce Brewing and a Needs to get a pizza burger

        Saturday Night (Sydney): Napoli Pizza

        Sunday we do lunch in Fortress Louisburg, and for dinner I am considering Collette's Place.

        We drive back Monday and were thinking about stopping it at the Townhouse in Antigonish.


        It doesn't look like we'll be in the area of Inverness or Mabou as these are a ways off the Cabot Trail (unless we go visit the distillery). But I'm pretty keen on eating some Acadian food while in Cheticamp.

        Our meal in Baddeck is still negotiable. Have you heard anything about Chanterelle? The Herring Choker looks like more of a lunch place, but we may take a look at the bakery when we check out Big Spruce.

        Any experience eating at Collette's? It was featured on "You Gotta Eat Here" and I'm a sucker for that stuff. But we have a Sydney dinner that is still on the table for discussion.

      2. I can't help with suggestions for CB, but butterscotch pie is totally real! It is also really easy to find around Antigonish, but I'm sure I've seen it around Halifax also.

        1. My trip to Cape Breton was fantastic! I especially enjoyed the pizza at Napoli in Sydney, the butterscotch pie and fish cakes at Restaurant Acadien in Cheticamp, and the sandwiches at the Herring Choker!

          We also loved our meals at the Chanterelle Inn, which has such a beautiful enclosed patio. So peaceful and a beautiful view. Our meals were great as well! Local shrimps in a dill cream sauce, blueberry and beet salad, wild chanterelle mushrooms picked that day - and the dessert was the best of all!