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Jul 16, 2013 03:44 PM

Montreal for Four Nights

My wife and I will be visiting Montreal for four nights next month and will be staying at a B&B in the Plateau . We do not eat either meat or poultry. We eat everything else-seafood, veggies, etc. As we live in NYC, we seek out interesting, not necessarily expensive, food. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Merci/Thank you!

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  1. This is an excellent very recent thread:

    I suggest you read through a few threads, get a slightly better idea of what you want and then ask- you will get far better responses.

    EDIT: Oh sorry I didnt see the no meat or poultry.. there are some good thread on veg in montreal. Starting point: Aux Vivres (best, not very expensive- try the vegetarian BLT), Panthere Verte (relatively inexpensive), Chuchai. For seafood you will find good reviews about Le Filet (more expensive but excellent), Bremner (personally not a fav), Garde Manger, daily special at APDC. Look at the above thread, most restaurants will offer something you can eat that is great on that list.

    1. vin papillon has a lot of veg dishes

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        Second this suggestion!
        mostly vegetable-based dishes - from the joe beef garden, some seafood, and the night i was there there was a wee little quail.

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          I would love to meet the meet the person who refuses to eat poultry yet eats quail haha
          (good rec though)

      2. For excellent, inexpensive seafood, in a unique setting with a Middle Eastern twist, try Poisonnerie Rayan.

        I second Aux Vivres, get the vegan "BLT" on chapati.

        1. Le Filet is great. It reminds me a lot of a casual version of Bernardin without the prices. Culinary style is very related (and with a terrasse): French seafood with Japanese influences.

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            I second Le Filet, and add Tasso if you're in the plateau, a modern greek, so lots of veg and fish/seafood. Also has a terrasse on St-Denis.

          2. Thanks everyone for their great recs! If anyone is coming to NYC and I can help, post away!