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Jul 16, 2013 03:31 PM


Hi Everyone,

Franzikaner is my favorite wheat beer. I have found it at the Trader Joes near me (72nd street) in the big bottles but was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere I could buy it closer to the Columbus Circle / Lincoln Square area? Thanks!

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  1. Whole Foods stores usually have pretty good beer selections, so the Whole Foods in the Time Warner building is worth a try

    1. closer to Columbus Circle than 72nd Street? it's thirteen blocks!

      it's also one of my favorites. perfect to wash down a currywurst at Lederhosen.

      1. Thanks all.

        Jessbnjess yes I love whole foods beer area, sad they don't have franzikaner though.

        Coasts I know hahah but sometimes I am lazy hah especially in this weather. Glad you love it as well. It's my favorite for a reason :)

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          I've seen a lot of delis around the city renovating to modernize and keep up with gentrification (and look less divey-like), they're also upgrading their upgrading their food and beer offerings. Franzikaner is sometimes among them. So if you see a deli or convenience store near your apartment you might want to see if they carry it. Never know!

          1. re: alkonost

            Franziskaner is not an especially rare beer. I've found it in bodegas from Brooklyn to Harlem. If the OP doesn't want to take the subway up one stop to Fairway or Pioneer Supermarket, he should have on problem finding Franziskaner at a deli somewhere in the West 60s or even the nearby Morton-Williams.

        2. Try checking - you shouldn't have a hard time finding that one.