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Jul 16, 2013 01:59 PM

Rio Mare tuna, from Italy

I bought a couple of cans of this tuna on a recent trip, and thought that it was certified kosher. But now I am questioning this and the Italian kashruth website is confusing. This is the simple tuna in olive oil, but I can't find a hechsher or a note about country of origin on the can. Anyone know about this?

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    I'm coming to a city where there are no Kosher stores, is there a way to get Kosher products there?
    Sure, lots of products sold in the regular stores are Kosher, for example:
    Barilla Pasta
    Rio Mare tuna with Olive Oil
    Kelloggs cereals: Corn Flakes also with chocolate, Rice Krispies, Chochos, Chombos, Miel Pops, All Bran Classic
    most juices besides tomato and grape juice.
    Here are links to more complete lists: Rabbi Yosef Hadad and Italy Kosher Union lists.
    Alternatively you can get the Pranzo Express delivered to you or try any close-by restaurant or catering.

    1. They make great products.

      1. Check that link from HIM. That tuna is a highlighted product with some questions about the handbags. Although it is hard to make out what they are trying to say in the broken English they are using.

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            I guess if the leather comes from a cow properly schechted...:-)

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              Yes, thanks, that's it exactly. There's some sort of a question because apparently the tuna is being caught a different place than it was at the time of the most recent hechsher. And I guess a major consideration with tuna is what else get caught in the nets.
              I guess I will try to answer my own question by writing to the Comunita Ebraica in Rome .....

            2. Keep us posted. I'm heading to Italy in October. I've just started to look into what I'll be able to find in the kosher department. The links provided here were very helpful. Thanks.