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Jul 16, 2013 01:46 PM

May West, Swiss Rolls, and Jos Louis?

There used to be, many years ago, a bakery/factory just off of Laurier street, i think, where they used to make these, and they used to sell seconds, or by the box/case.... is it still around, or somewhere similar?

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  1. Highly highly doubtful considering the maker Vachon is now part of the Saputo family.

    1. As far as I tell, there haven't been industrial factories or bakeries of any sort in Mile End or Old Rosemont in many, many moons, old fella.

      1. Probably the old Stuart plant, right on Laurier:

        1. I thought you were taking a poll :/
          Anyway... I vote Swiss Rolls!!!

          1. It was actually at the corner of Esplanade and Laurier, I remember as a teenager.
            Closed many moons ago. Became some kind of Kosher food plant after that and is now being redone into retail space.

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            1. re: meagain

              Nope, the kosher food was at the next corner ( I think the shop closed, but the building it still not transformed).

              1. re: Maximilien

                That's where the May West plant was (where they actually made the product) the corner of Esplanade and Laurier. The other building might be called the Stuart Building, maybe it was offices.

              2. re: meagain

                Yes, they were nearby. The Stuart Building has become retail space below and dwellings (condos or rental apartments, upscale) above. The building at the northeastern corner of Esplanade and Laurier became Salaison Glatt something, where meat was "koshered" (salted, etc). It will now also be transformed into retail space and dwellings above.