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May West, Swiss Rolls, and Jos Louis?

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There used to be, many years ago, a bakery/factory just off of Laurier street, i think, where they used to make these, and they used to sell seconds, or by the box/case.... is it still around, or somewhere similar?

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  1. Highly highly doubtful considering the maker Vachon is now part of the Saputo family.

    1. As far as I tell, there haven't been industrial factories or bakeries of any sort in Mile End or Old Rosemont in many, many moons, old fella.

      1. Probably the old Stuart plant, right on Laurier: http://www.imtl.org/edifices/Ancien-u...

        1. I thought you were taking a poll :/
          Anyway... I vote Swiss Rolls!!!

          1. It was actually at the corner of Esplanade and Laurier, I remember as a teenager.
            Closed many moons ago. Became some kind of Kosher food plant after that and is now being redone into retail space.

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              Nope, the kosher food was at the next corner ( I think the shop closed, but the building it still not transformed).

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                That's where the May West plant was (where they actually made the product) the corner of Esplanade and Laurier. The other building might be called the Stuart Building, maybe it was offices.

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                Yes, they were nearby. The Stuart Building has become retail space below and dwellings (condos or rental apartments, upscale) above. The building at the northeastern corner of Esplanade and Laurier became Salaison Glatt something, where meat was "koshered" (salted, etc). It will now also be transformed into retail space and dwellings above.

              3. thanks all..... so there's nowhere to get these things in "bulk". oh well.

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                  There used to be a Vachon "Magasin d'économies" on Ste-Catherine in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, but I'm pretty sure it's closed. If you want snack cakes in bulk, you can go to places like Aubut, Mayrand, Presto, Club Entrepôt, etc.

                2. You might want to try the Kraft bakery on Viau. I don't think they make cake snacks there, but they definitely make and sell cookies.

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                    That would be the "Magasin d'Economies Christie"

                    3055 Viau
                    Montreal, QC
                    H1V 3J5

                  2. Does anyone know if the Christie outlet is still open to the public? Thanks!

                    *EDITED to say never mind! Found a phone # :) They are still open!

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                      Maybe you could post the phone number here in case it helps someone else? Let us know what the place is like. :-)

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                        It's been discussed here a few times. It's a factory store. They have cookies, crackers and snacks. Some of which are not found in Quebec, but sold there since that's where they are made. Prices are very good.

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                          Do you know specific names of cookies, crackers, etc that are sold there but not available in Quebec stores?

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                            Not really, it's been a while since I've been. I just remember that some products had different packaging and some I had never seen before.

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                              The inventory they carry changes all the time, just depends on what they were recently manufacturing. Sometimes I've found products I've never seen before, and some that are clearly not meant for the Quebec market - no French on the packaging, just a plain sticker to make it legal (more or less). There are some staples that seem to be there most of the time, like Oreos (in varying flavours), Premium Plus crackers, Crispers...

                              FYI, although there used to be a big Kraft sign out front, along with the Christie sign, it now reads Mondelēz, as Kraft split out their snack division.

                              If anyone's looking for it, it's on Viau, across the street from the Arena Maurice Richard and the Olympic Stadium.