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Jul 16, 2013 01:31 PM

israel late Oct-a few ?

We (2 people) will be in Tel aviv & Jerusalem in late Oct. How far in advance should I book dinners? What time do people generally eat-like Europe closer to 9 or 10 or more like philly-7:30/8pm? Hate to eat in an empty restaurant!
No opentable in Israel so do you recommend emailing restaurants or asking hotel to do it? Thanks!

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  1. I would say between 8-9 for both but Tel Aviv is trendier and has more people dining at later times.

    Regarding reservations - for most restaurants you shouldn't have trouble getting reservations a few weeks out for most options. In Jerusalem with the exception of Chakra, Mona, and Machene Yehuda - a week out shouldn't be a problem. Give yourself more time with Tel Aviv trendier places.

    Personally, I would strongly recommend taking the time to call the places yourself - and calling to confirm the reservation a week ahead of time. If that really isn't an option, I don't know about email vs. the hotel - but I don't of anyone personally who's ever made the reservation via email.

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      Thanks to all. I dont speak hebrew, and live in the states, so not sure calling is an option...

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        Most restaurants that accept reservations will be able to accept them in English. But if you don't want to make the long distance calls - then give the other options a try. I just personally don't know how much faith to have in either option. With a few exceptions - you can get reservations within a week.