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Singapore: Shinji by Kanesaka?

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For an October trip to Singapore, I'm considering a visit to Shinji by Kanesaka as a finale to the trip before heading to the airport. In particular, I'm looking at the Omakase menu at lunch. This level of Japanese food is simply not available where I live (Napa, California).

Any Chowhound comments on the food and service experience at Shinji? If you've had and enjoyed the Omakase menu, how much time should I allocate for the meal? I don't want to rush anything. Rather, I want to go off to the airport happy!

Thanks for your advice.

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  1. I'd not tried the omakase lunch myself, so can't help you there. Here's the only thread which discussed a meal at Shinji in detail:

    1. Off topic as never been to Shinji

      Another great Japanese restaurant has landed on Spore shore. Try it if you have the time.

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        Looked absolutely marvellous, but S$250 for an omakase lunch? Prices for eating out in Singapore sure have skyrocketed in the past 2-3 years.

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          yeah it is crazily expensive....but the will is weak.
          Tried Waku Ghin and Hashida....although they different, one being french jap and the other pure jap, I would rather spend the money on Hashida...

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            What do you think Hashida does well?