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Jul 16, 2013 01:24 PM

Asking My Girlfriend to Marry Me Restaurant Choices.

I'm planning a trip Sept 13-16 to Vegas staying at the Wynn. I plan on asking my girlfriend to marry me at a special dinner that Friday night.

I'm looking for a fine dining option with a very nice ambiance. I'd rather stay away from very loud or extremely crowded places. I understand its a Friday night, but I mean more in the layout of the restaurant and that the tables arent on top of each other.

I was thinking a nice steakhouse, maybe SW in the Wynn? I've also seen some good reviews of Le Cirque at the Bellagio? I've looked at so many restaurant reviews online I cant seem to find one that isnt good.

She isnt a foodie, so what I might be giving up in quality of food isnt as important as finding an ideal romantic/special setting. I assume any 4-5 star fine dining restaurant in Vegas will have excellent food anyway.

The nicest restaurant I've eaten at was Daniel in NYC and for those of you who have been there a setting like that is what I'm kind of looking for. It doesnt necessarily have to be exactly the same, but just somewhat of an idea of what I'm thinking of as far as setting goes.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. For romance, you can't beat Hugo's Cellar at the Four Queens on Fremont St.

    1. Bartolotta at the Wynn has private cabana tables around the Wynn lagoon, which is unique. Best seafood in Vegas. Pricey, but not Robuchon/e/Guy Savoy pricey.

      1. The Wynn is a fab choice and keep in mind that Vegas is very busy during the Sept 16th weekend..It's Mexican Independence Day and all the wealthy Mex's come up to party, so, make sure you reserve now for a table.

        Country Club at the Wynn is a lovely choice..
        Bartolotta at the Wynn is great too.
        Le Cirque is wonderful..

        Make sure you take her for lunch at Lotus of Siam for the best Thai in the US..order off the menu..

        Chandelier bar at the Cosmo is fantastic for craft cocktails and a bottle of bubbly.

        Congrat's and let the Wynn know what you are planning on doing and they are great on making things really special.

        1. Let's second the Bartolotta suggestion, especially since by the middle of September the temperature will allow for a pleasant setting in the cabanas. They are ideal for your purposes. But if your girlfriend is not necessarily a "foodie", you might even consider one of the booths at The Barrymore (99 Convention Center Drive, in the Royal Hotel), which can make for a pleasant evening stroll from the Wynn (easier if you walk through to the Encore entrance). It will give you the quiet that you are looking for, with excellent service, and save your budget a bit to plan for the honeymoon.

          1. Well, I got engaged at Picasso, which has a terrific atmosphere (although I am not a big fan of the food), so I can say that that worked! Another very traditional option would be the Eiffel Tower restaurant; they have these tiny tables for two that sit up against the window, and are clearly designed for the proposal/anniversary dinner. The food is solid.

            The Barrymore is lovely, but it is in a bit of a quirky location.

            I also think Scarpetta at the Cosmo actually has a very nice atmosphere, especially (again) if you can get a booth or one of the tables near the window, which overlook the Bellagio fountains. The food is really terrific and its also very accessible. The ambiance of the restaurant is quiet and professional; of course, when you leave you are in the Cosmo, which might be fun if you were looking to have a celebratory cocktail after.

            In the Wynn itself, I'd recommend Bartolotta, but not really anywhere else. In the Venetian across the street, if you could get a small table outside at Bouchon, you might find that quite a special setting. I also really love CUT and consider it the best steakhouse in the city, and it has a dark and sort of sexy atmosphere.

            Good luck and have fun!