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Jul 16, 2013 01:04 PM

Craigie on Main question

This is related to a question I asked earlier today. I'm thinking about taking my boyfriend to Craigie on Main for his 30th birthday.

However, I am gluten insensitive (not celiac - I don't have to be super super careful about cross-contamination). Does anyone have any experience dining there with a food allergy or intolerance? I'm not sure how accommodating they'd be.

Thanks again for your advice.

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  1. We ate there two years ago for our anniversary, and are still talking about it; it was a wonderful evening! One of the first things they did when we sat down was to inquire about any food allergies, and when I said that I am allergic to certain fish, they appeared to take it very seriously (we had the tasting menu). I would call first to check, but if they tell you that you'll have enough gluten-free choices, I would believe them. Enjoy!

    1. they absolutely will be accommodating. it's a fantastic restaurant. if you are super concerned, when making your reservation, let them know. you will have a wonderful birthday dinner.

      1. If you splurge on the tasting menu, they actually ask that you note any allergies or requirements up front. I've had several meals there, and all fabulous.

        1. I can't imagine Craigie on Main not being accommodating. Easily one of the best and friendliest kitchens in all of greater Boston and they will cater the tasting menu for your likes and dislikes. Been multiple times and never had a bad meal. Go and enjoy.

          1. As touchy as the chef/owner can be about preferential (non necessary) substitutions, Craigie is very serious and good about accommodating things like food allergies or gluten intolerance. I brought a client who avoided gluten there for a tasting menu. We let them know in advance and they did a great job tailoring her meal.

            She does not have celiac disease and has since resumed eating gluten with no ill effects.