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Jul 16, 2013 12:48 PM

arnolds or friendly fisherman this year?

I promised DH one fried fish platter during our week in Eastham. This year my 89 y.o. father will be joining us as well, along with our 10 y.o. son.
My Dad is pretty game in terms of atmosphere and casualness, and very limber, but he is a selective fish eater, ditto for DH. Of course, the latter would probably opt for chicken finger and fries! Would you recommend one over the other? I know both are on the road to Truro, where we will be visiting family.

Also promised DH we would order a cooked lobster (he is the only one who enjoys it). Last year we picked it up (we ordered ahead of time) from Sir Cricket (or is that the name of the fried food store next door?), is there somewhere closer in Eastham? We are staying on Mary Chase Road which I think is South Eastham.

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  1. First of all-love seeing this as I love both places.I think both places do a real nice job with their fishermans platters.I personally lean a little to the Friendly Fisherman food(no knock on Arnolds)but Arnolds is bigger with more seating and alcohol.I am heading on my annual trip this weekend and will probably be at Arnolds saturday night with a crew of about 15 people.I am curious about other peoples opinions

    1. I live in Eastham. I'd cast my vote for the Friendly Fisherman's fried seafood platter but it's picnic table seating and no alcohol service (a package store next door and we discreetly bring our own cold beers). They also do a really great job on cooked lobsters. From Mary Chase Road, though you'll be closer to Orleans, for the lobster order. Nauset Fish and Lobster Pool is the name of the seafood market associated with Sir Crickets.

      1. I love them both, and never leave without visiting each at least once per trip if they are open.

        Arnold's has the most "complete" Fisherman's platter- fish, shrimp, scallops, calamari, clam strips and whole bellies and oysters.

        I have never had anything less than perfectly cooked at either place.

        Enjoy whichever you choose.