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Jul 16, 2013 12:47 PM

Tattoo Convention in September

My husband and I are heading into Montreal for the day (from Ottawa) for the Tattoo Convention in September. First, where do we park, it is at the Bell Center and I've never been, does it have daily rate parking?
Second we love food, nice food, relaxed food. We have been to Montreal in the past and have enjoyed meals at Garde Manger, PDC, L'Acadamie. Along those lines, where can we go for dinner that might be close to the Bell Center? We like relaxed pubs, local beer, tasty meat and friendly faces. I hate driving in Montreal, so finding a place to park the car for the day would be a bonus and walking is fine. Any suggestions?

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  1. For a relaxed and tasty meal near the Bell Centre, I would recommend Dominion Square Tavern.
    Parking near the Bell Centre costs about 15$/day.

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      I definitely second Dominion. Reserve on opentable if you're on a schedule as it can be busy. For something more pub-y, you could maybe try Ye Olde Orchard just north of the bell centre, but this will be very similar to most British pubs you can find in Ottawa.

      To the Southwest is Nora Gray, though it is slightly less relaxed and somewhat more expensive. Its good Italian by former Joe Beef people.

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        Good recommendation, this looks like a sweet spot and close enough to walk from the bell center. Thank you.

      2. How about Nora Grey on St Jacques? It is a fun loud inventive Italian restaurant. I really enjoyed my dinner there.

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        1. Slightly OT, but I am trying to imagine a Tattoo Convention. Is this about military 'tattoos" or is this a bunch of people walking around in various states displaying the art on their skins? How does this look at a place like the Bell Centre if it is the latter? What else happens?

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            This used to be held at Windsor station but they've now expanded. It is mostly artists displaying their work and tattooing on site. A good chance to get tattooed by the best artists from other cities.

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              Yup, tattoo as in the body art form. My husband's tattoo artist is heading there and we are following to get some food inspired artwork done on his arm (he's a chef).

            2. Forgot to mention we'll be there on a sunday for dinner, which makes finding nice places a little bit harder.