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Jul 16, 2013 12:41 PM

Sanding Sponges for the kitchen

I used to buy kitchen sponges in the supermarket that were about 1/2 inch thick, with a layer of sandpaper-like grit on one side. They were great for the REALLY tough jobs, like when you want to scrub off your deep-fried turkey pot where the oil is burnt black on the sides and bottom. I can't find them anymore, I guess they stopped making them. But I can't find anything that comes close to comparing. What I do now is buy the carpentry sanding sponges that come in fine, medium, coarse grit, they are black and have the grit on all sides, sometimes with one angled, pointy side. I'm sure they're not food grade, so I use them, then rinse off whatever I'm scrubbing and do a final clean with a kitchen sponge and soap. It works, but I don't like the smell of them, not sure if it's carpentry glue or whatever, and I'm not sure that I'm not introducing really dangerous chemicals into my food environment, in spite of my precautions.

Does anyone else remember these sponges, or do you know where you can get them? I've tried googling, no luck. Do you know if doing what I do is dangerous? Any better ideas? I haven't found anything in the kitchen aisle that even comes close to their scrubbing potential.

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  1. Have you tried Mr. Clean eraser sponges?

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      I've used some kind of pumice stone thing that I believe was a Mr. Clean eraser (to scrub off hard mineral deposits), but it wasn't a sponge, it was like a manufactured lava pumice stone. I have never seen the sponges, but I will look for them, happy to try something. I appreciate the input, thanks!

    2. The Original Magic Jetz Scrubz J27 Scrubber Sponge Rectangle

      Found this on Amazon.

      I am now using the round scrubbers that snap on and off holders that I can grasp easily. the holders can be filled with liquid detergent.

      For really tough jobs on metal pots or pans, though, I use SOS or Brillo, or a powder cleanser.

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        This is another one I hadn't heard of. I'm going to order some books from Amazon in a few days, I will add one of these onto the order and try it. Thanks for the suggestion!

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            i'll be happy to, it'll probably be a few weeks off, so maybe bookmark this topic? I'll update as soon as I have something useful to say.

            1. re: lireland

              Try for the sponge you mentioned. They call it different names. Some call it nano emery magic sponge, some call it diamond nano magic sponge. The sponge was coated with aluminium oxide which has a very strong abrasive property. Two years ago, I bought a package on a trip to Hong Kong in the flea market. It was the best cleaning pad I ever used for cleaning tough stain on burning pot. On aliexpress, you can find this under the category for household cleaning tools. They cost about us$ 1.40 to $2.00 a piece. If you can find it cheaper elsewhere, plaase let me know.