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Jul 16, 2013 12:20 PM

[Yakiniku Gen] New Korean-Japanese style BBQ house

A new Korean-Japanese style BBQ house called 'Yakiniku Gen' has opened in Midtown East, on 52nd Street between Third Ave. & Second Ave. (next to Hidechan Ramen) a couple months ago.

I have been there twice for dinner and twice for lunch so far, and its lunch specials are quite good quality for the price. A couple notches better than Gyu-kaku for similar (if not the same) price ranges.

For $20, I got special kalbi & harami, accompanied with rice, very tasty akadashi miso shiru, three side dishes, Korean seaweed, and salad.
Meat quality was very good for the price. (attached photos)

For dinner photos:

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  1. ahh cool, i noticed this place, was wondering if it was any good

    1. yay, another new lunch spot to try! Thanks!

      1. I went for lunch based on this recommendation and will now heartily corroborate it. It would've been an excellent deal in any case, but they were handing out additional $2-off coupons for lunch, so it was really just highway robbery! The kalbi was tasty and tender. The cold reiman was much more reminiscent to me of naeng myun (especially noodle-wise) than the hiyashi chukas I've had.

        Anyway, I'm definitely earmarking it for dinner. Gyu-Kaku may be virtually around the corner, but I have the feeling the meat quality here will be better, and the range of cuts on offer is Takashi-esque, so.

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          I am glad you enjoyed it sappidus! Btw, dinner was delicious too indeed, and they even had Miyazaki beef imported from Japan on dinner menu, but it couldn't beat the lunch specials, value-for-money wise, haha.