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Jul 16, 2013 12:03 PM

Desperately seeking artisan bread in Delray or Boca?

I feel like I have exhausted all of my options. Whole Foods; Boys; Panera; the French bakery on Federal near Spanish River, City Bakery. I'm really at a loss. It doesn't make sense. There was a French bakery from Lantana that was at the Delray farmer's market, but I think they went out of business and I wasn't thrilled, but it seemed like the best. Any recommendations? I would even drive to Fort Lauderdale for amazing bread

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  1. Try Grandma's Bakery on Military Trail in Delray Beach just south of Atlantic Avenue on the east side of Military. It's impossible to leave there without breads, rolls, cakes and pastry. They do all the baking for The Boys because it's part of the family.

    1. Gran Forno Bakery on Los Olas in Ft. Lauderdale. Here's a sampling of their products.

      Bella Napoli - Wheat, roasted garlic, aromatic basil, and chewy,
      sun dried tomatoes

      Casareccio - Classic, light and crusty Northern Italian rustic bread made with wheat flour

      Challah - A sanctioned, sacred Jewish egg bread (Holidays only


      Ciabatta - Traditional slipper-shaped White bread from Bari. Course and crunchy outside, airy inside.

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        Love the breads from Gran Forno. The fennel raisin is great too and their Ciabatta is the best!!!

      2. Have you been to Old School Bakery?

        They've been in Delray for over a decade. They supply to many better restaurants in Palm Beach County.

        Their multigrain has been my "house bread" for years now and it's the best I've found around here.

        (Photos attached).

        Their retail coffee shop on Atlantic Ave closed last year. But they still sell retail out of their commercial bakery on Congress Ave 1 block N of Atlantic (7-3, 7 days).

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          Second Old School Bakery! We are New Yorkers hooked on Sullivan Street bread and have found a great Florida substitute at OSB!! Love that multi-grain and thanks again to CGByrne for clueing me in to this place a while back!

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            Thanks for the recommendation. Used to go to Old School Bakery when they were on Atlantic. It's better than the rest, but thought it was average. Have also tried Grandma's in Delray. Cakes and pastries are good. Did not like their bread. I think there is a huge opportunity for someone to open a bakery. Le Pain Quotidien from NY should open a location in Delray or Boca. Not only is their bread great, but so is their food. Nothing like it in this area.

            1. re: LifeisGood58

              I much prefer Old School Bakery multi grain to that sold at LPQ in NYC. Agree that not all their (OSB) breads are great but that one is pretty versatile.

          2. Don't laugh but the wholewheat Miche at Panera is the best I've found, so is their French Miche. The loaves are huge, I usually cut them in half and freeze half, but they will slice them if you prefer.
            The Old School bakery bread is dry.
            Yes we could do with proper bakeries in PBC, there are 2 European ones in Royal Palm Plaza, a French bakery and a little cafe, I can't remember their names but they have nice pastries and breads.
            Cafe Martier on Atlantic has wonderful French style croissants.
            Coming from the UK I find bakeries in Fl very disappointing, bread is often too sweet (a common complaint among Brits in the US), but also US flour is different from European flour so the consistency is not the same.

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              I find Old School bread anything but dry.

              If it were dry, a small loaf of multigrain, like this one pictured that I just brought home, likely would not weigh 1.5 pounds.