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Jul 16, 2013 11:52 AM

Anything between MKE and IRON Mountain?

Sorry if this is a duplicate, my iPad crashed as I was posting.
I have to pick up three Boy Scouts from the UP. Did I mention the stink/lack of bathing/lack of underwear changes?. The at least awesome humor (Andy Hamilton) or (seriously- Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, DEAN!) that the teenagers listen to on the way back make it somewhat worthwhile. To be honest, two of the kids I would like to leave there. Two of the three agree with me and have offered to dig so that we don't deal with the third.

The trip home is going to be as fast as I can make it. However, on the way up, I will be visiting ex-co workers in Iron Mountain. Spending the night there, fishing, eating venison, etc.

Any thoughts for the trip up from MKE? Neuske's was very overpriced/crowded/tourist trap. The Sargento's "cheese shop" was a very small refrigerator that had a total of five cheeses total. Not different, total.
The pickled soup advertised as a local speciality above GB was good. Very good, but nothing I want to go out of my way for again. I am sorta thinking of doing a divot on the way up to visit Escanaba the day before. Last year I dumped a lot of cash at the Humane Society there getting Lego blocks.

Oh, on a prior post, just picked up another bread maker. According to my better two-thirds, that means I get rid of one. Anyone local to MKE need a whole long loaf West Bend machine?

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  1. Sounds like a fried cheese curd lunch at one of the places on the way up then. Seriously, a free west bend long loaf bread maker to a local?

    1. I'm not a local but I'm a yooper, and I can tell you that the pickings are pretty slim indeed between GB and IM. If you're looking for decent food, I recommend a stop in GB. That said, it's not as if GB is exactly a gastronome's mecca, either.

      There have been a few discussions about ethnic eateries in GB. El Serape usually gets a good write-up as a reliable Midwestern Mexican. St. Brendan's (on Washington Street) is a decent "OIRish" place close to downtown, it has some atmosphere and is close to the River on the south side. My "go-to" place in GB is Hinterland - sister to the well-known gastropub in downtown MKE. I'm never disappointed there. But it may be a little more "urban" (and pricey) than what you would want.

      If its just coffee and a light breakfast you want I can recommend the Kavarna Café which is downtown on Broadway - north of the river.