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Jul 16, 2013 11:23 AM

Heading to Vegas -- could use some help

Hi all! I'm heading to Vegas on business right after Labor Day (actually arriving Labor Day) I am traveling with a coworker and we will not have a car. We are staying at Ballys. I've been to Vegas before and dined at the following locations: Second trip -- Otto, lunch at Bellagio buffet, Raku, RM Seafood, Julian Serrano and Sage. This was a couple of years ago. My first trip I went to: B & B, Nob Hill, Sea blue and Mon Ami Gabi.

I'm trying to plan dinners for this trip I will have four nights. My complication is my per diem -- it is $60 a day although I spend it mostly on dinner. I know I want to go back to Raku. It looks like the prices have increased for some of the other places I've been to before.

What can you recommend? Thanks!

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  1. Rent a car from AVIS, low rates, unlimited miles, and they take debit cards. I got a car for 2 days while mine was in the shop for $56 total. The McCarran rental corral had the best rates.

    I would say to try some off STRIP places like LeThai on Fremont St.. The El Cortez for some old school flavor ($7.95 prime rib special with Atomic horseradish). Tiffany's cafe for some late night fare (24 hr) in a Downtown institution (western omelet, or Tiffany burger). Viva Las Arepas. EAT, for breakfast. Hit Commercial Center off Sahara, and try Lotus of Siam, or Komol kitchen. Cruise up Spring Mountain and try your pick of a variety of Asian cuisines. Try out the various gourmet food trucks, or taco trailers - Las Vegas Blvd+ Bonanza has some good adobada tacos for $1.50 ea. Hell, some of the Latin markets like Cardena's,or Mariana's have great grub. There are tons of places in the valley that you can eat good for Less than $60.


    1. You have got to add Lotus of Siam on your list for the best Thai in the US...its in a divey shopping center but don't let it fool you..order off the and so so good.

      Secret pizza place on the third level of the Cosmo..
      Have drinks at the Chandelier bar at the Cosmo..

      Happy hour at Todd English's PUB..
      Raku for sushi
      Oyster bar at Palace Station
      Burger Bar at Mandalay
      Brunch at Wicked Spoon or Bachannal, Wynn or Caesars
      Bouchon at Venetianfor breakfast/brunch or oysters and bubbly at the bar
      Delmonico's at the V..Bobby Flay's and meets your price point.
      Tacos El Gordo for some of the best tacos

      Have fun and report back!

      1. You can't go wrong at Via Brasil. Their 45.99 fixed price AYCE is unbeatable. It's not a buffet. Check out the menu. They'll even pick you up at your hotel.

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        1. re: mucho gordo

          While Via Brasil is an excellent choice, the poster won't have a car. The can ride will be $45 to $50 each way without tip.

          1. re: Eric

            I can't believe the restaurant would charge that much, if anything to provide transportation to and from hotel.

            1. re: mucho gordo

              The restaurant doesn't provide transportation. I'm taking about a cab ride.

              1. re: Eric

                I thought you were talking about a cab. Their website clearly states that they "also offer transportation to and from the strip." Now, whether or not that applies here or only to large parties, the OP would have to contact them for clarification.


          2. re: mucho gordo

            Thanks for the reply about Via Brasil but I have rodizio places close to me where I can get the same thing but cheaper.

          3. We really enjoyed Table 10 at Palazzo. It's mid-range in price. The great thing is that you can sit at the "Food Bar" (about 8-10 seats there total, so you'd probably want to make a reservation) which overlooks the kitchen. You can talk to the chefs and watch the meals being prepared. Might be a good option for travelling with a co-worker...