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Jul 16, 2013 10:40 AM

Alternate cooking methods

Why can't you give the method for an oven to those of us who do not have BBQ availability or apartment dwellers who cannot have BBQ's for liability reasons with city code.
It would be nice to address all types of cooks...

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  1. Before we got our new grill, I used a stovetop grill pan to do grilling.. There are plenty of references to this item in various threads. I've used my Lodge cast iron grill pan to do bacon, burgers, smoked sausage, etc.

    There are ways to do pulled pork in the oven. I've seen references to this. Have you done a search on CH?

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    1. re: sueatmo

      I think the OP may be addressing recipes.

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        Thank you for your reply. I do cooking,I just thought it would be nice if someone who just grills their food:could give those who don't the oven method. Many people do not own grill pans not do they have outdoor grills. I am of the age that grilling outdoors is not possible any longer. We, that do age, often have to change our thought and ways of doing things. No offense please.
        Happy cooking to you (grilling)

      2. Hi charlie1939

        Sounds like you might be wondering about CHOW recipes. If there are any particular ones you are hoping to find alternate methods for, let us know. Hopefully someone (whether someone at CHOW or other members on Home Cooking) could help you come up with alternate methods that could work. It actually sounds like a great topic for the Home Cooking board, where I bet you'd get lets of helpful answers. So let us know!
        Dave MP

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          This would be a nice discussion. I am retired, have downsized, and a past basic cooking instructor at my church. I taught the basics and do have a specialty in baking cheesecakes. I am a senior who grew up cooking for harvest hands in the summer. I raised 4 kids and that alone requires cooking skills. I just had a thought that might help those, young and old, who live in situations that do not allow outdoor grills, to prepare the food in the oven. Grill pans are fine,but do not give the same texture nor taste that outdoor grilling does. Often the person does not have a proper vent hood over their stove either. There is a lot of grease vapors.
          I refer to the last statement from an insurance standpoint. I retired from the insurance industry as an inspector (loss control) of commercial and residential property. I did see my share of flue fires from the accumulation of grease and not keeping the grids clean over the flue opening. Many people do not even think of this. As I said, a discussion would be nice sometime, if anyone wanted this.

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            Hi charlie1939,

            If you haven't already, definitely check out the discussions happening on our Home Cooking board, where Chowhounds share cooking advice, suggest recipes, and trade ideas. If you have a specific question about how to adapt a grill recipe for the stovetop or oven, then you could ask it there. Or you could join in on one of the discussions already taking place. Here's a link to the Home Cooking board:

            As far as CHOW recipes go, there are a lot of grilling focused recipes that we're publishing now since so much grilling takes place in the summer. But we have a huge catalog of recipes, so if you search the site (in the top right corner of the screen) for a recipe, you'll find thousands that don't involve a grill.

        2. Where would it end? Its unreasonable to expect every recipe to lay out multiple alternative preparation methods. For example, the Tofu Torta recipe; I don't like tofu. Should the recipe provide explicit directions on how to cook pork as substitute? Or the Grilled Shrimp Tacos...I'm allergic to shellfish. What kind of chicken can I substitute? Do I cook it the same way as the shrimp? Should I change the seasoning?

          A recipe consists of a discrete set of ingredients with a specific preparation and cooking method. If you don't like one, find another. There are literally millions of them out there.