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Jul 16, 2013 09:40 AM

Leftover Wonton Wrappers

I used wonton wrapper in a stirfry recipes but I have half of the package left over. Can I freeze them? Can I used thin in a recipe other than making wontons or eggrolls (too labor intensive, don't have time to dedicate)

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  1. You can use them to make individual "lasagne" with the standard Italian components, or something like creamed vegetables with chicken or seafood, topped with a cream or cheese sauce before bakinng. Make a bunch of stacks in the same lasagna pan or another pan suitable to the volume you are making.

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      I agree that you can use them for lasagne or ravioli or any kind of pasta **IF** they are an egg based wonton wrapper. There are some varieties of what people would call "wonton wrappers" that are mainly starch based and they don't work as well as a pasta substitute.

      So I'd look at the ingredients and make sure they are egg based wrappers.

      1. press edible flowers within those sheets and cast them adrift in a tureen of tepid broth fragranced by ginger and scallion

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            That reminds me of seeing Jacques Pepin wetting them, putting leaves of basil or sage in between two, then using a rolling pin to get them thin, the size of a paper towel. These were simmered gently, then laid atop a seafood stew.

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              oh I am trying this soon, I'll be house/dog sitting not far from a brilliant Asian grocery that does bulk fresh herbs etc..

          2. they do freeze, but not forever.

            you can cut them into strips and fry to use on top of salads or stir-fry, or cook them briefly in broth for soup.

            1. You can slice them into thirds and pan-fry them. Then layer them on a plate, drizzled with honey and sprinkled with powdered sugar... GREAT immediate dessert!

              1. Yes, you can freeze them. Just make sure you wrap them tightly. The wrappers are great for making ravioli. Fill them with the filling of your choice. I like to use goat cheese, some fresh herbs and chopped spinach. Cut them with a small biscuit cutter.... and you have quick and easy meal.

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                    if op doesn't want to make wontons because they are too fiddly, how does ravioli help?

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                      For me... I can bang out quite a few raviolis in no time. Throw some goat cheese in a bowl, add some herbs and mix with a fork. Lay out wrappers 6 at a time, and fill them "assembly style". Heat a sauce. You're done.

                      The wrappers can also used to make shumai.

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                        am nimble myself with various types of wrappers, but didn't think that would appeal to the op ??