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Jul 16, 2013 09:30 AM

Traveling 70W from Columbus to Denver, Where must we stop?

I will be driving from Columbus, OH to Denver via 70W. This is the third time we have done this and I want some recommendations on places we shouldn't miss to eat. We did the Cozy Inn the last time we did the trip, and it was delicious. Looking for any types of food, but we will be stopping in Independence MO (btw, is this a "good" area?) for the night, and want to find some ribs as well.

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  1. Young's Jersey Dairy in Yellow Springs Ohio:

    6880 Springfield-Xenia Rd
    Yellow Springs, OH 45387
    (937) 325-0629

    Take Exit 52A and head south on Route 68 for about 7 1/2 miles.

    This used to be the tiny place we would go for fresh doughnuts and milk shakes where you could see the cows the milk came from while standing in line waiting for your food. (Take out only).

    Now it is over the top -- petting farm, "train" ride for the kids, miniature golf, and (gasp!) table service.

    I don't think you'll call the doughnuts or ice cream the best you ever had in your entire life, but it's a lot of fun and worth a brief detour.

    Now granted if you are just starting in Columbus you might not be ready for a food stop, but just in case...

    In St. Louis you MUST stop at Ted Drew's for a REAL frozen custard (not to be confused in any way with Soft Serv) if only to honor the Chowhound Gods

    At the risk of entering the furious and fiery BBQ debate, I can only tell you that I will drive to Arthur Bryant's in Kansas City for barbecue any time I am within 150 miles. Even if I'm bleeding.

    1. We recently drove from KC to Boulder via I-70 and very much enjoyed the meal we had at Gella's Dinner/ LB Brewery in Hays, KS.

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        We also found an enjoyable meal at Gella's Diner/Lb Brewery in Hays. My four cheese panini was perfect. I wasn't very hungry, but did want to eat tha tevening.

      2. Independence is a fine area. LC's isn't far away.

        1. I seem to be constantly posting this on this board. Go to LC's!!! Get the burnt ends (I prefer the pork but the beef is great, too.) The ribs are also fantastic and the onion rings round out the experience. You will not be disappointed.

          If you want to eat in Independence, Ophelia's food and atmosphere are lovely - service can be unprofessional, but trying hard. Only been there for dinner - I think they also have a Sunday brunch.

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            LC's for burnt ends. My son, who does not care for bbq, proclaimed his burnt ends the best bbq he had ever had in his 40+ years. Our burnt ends yesterday at Arthur Bryant's were good - but not as impressive as LC's.

          2. Free State Brewery on Massachusetts Avenue in downtown Lawrence, Kansas is a great place to eat and/or have a brew.

            The Cozy Inn in downtown Salina, Kansas has an 85 year history with small burgers. Limited menu similar to Krystals, White Castle, etc. - but much better in my mind.

            Park Burgers in Denver is a great place to eat - if you need Denver information.