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Jul 16, 2013 09:03 AM

Todd's Unique Dining, Honey Salt...tell me if you like my list

We are starting our food adventure...and we have been to so many..wanting to try new places. We loved Rosemary's so we love any restaurant close to that...where would you go?'s
Hone Salt?
Old Homestead Steak
Chada Thai and Wine (though we are HUGE fans of LOS)
Bacchanal or Wicked Wicked but Bacchanal getting
lots of buzz.
Marche Bacchus
Your choice..


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  1. Your list looks pretty solid. A couple of comments/suggestions:

    Marche Bacchus is off of our list of go to places; service and food quality have been too inconsistent and after our last visit we decided not to go back. (That was about a month ago.).

    Todd's Unique is one of our perennial favorites. We recently went to the Mollydooker wine tasting dinner and it was awesome!

    Chada Thai is excellent. The lunch special, including a nice glass of wine is only $15.

    You might consider Table 34 in Henderson - it is on Warm Springs. Executive Chef Wes Kendrick does a great job and there is often wild game available on the menu as specials.

    We aren't buffet fans, so I can't comment on the two you have listed as possibilities.

    Have you considered Charlie Palmer for the Cut of the Week? $48/pp for three courses and all the wine you can drink. The menu is limited and remains the same all week so you would want to make sure it meets your expectations before getting reservations. Also, be warned that they have run out of the advertised wines late in the week and substituted others - all have been solid choices, but nothing outstanding.

    1. I haven't been to many of these places, but if you like Thai food, I'd certainly place Chada above the places I have visited (Old Homestead, the two buffets, and Marche Bacchus). If you like fresh oysters, be sure and order them. Order the dishes you can't find at Lotus (there are more than 20).

      1. Oyster Bar at Palace Station is quite good.
        Tacos El Gordo
        Wynn, Wicked or Bachannal for buffet.
        I am a huge LOS fan but looking forward to Chada.
        Charlie Palmers deal of the week is one of the best deals out there with wine too.